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"We're calling for a major shift,
a major reform in education
for the benefit of teachers, and students.
In every country around the globe!"


Taja is in the business of helping schools and teachers reform.

Taja T1® helps teachers improve themselves by upgrading their teaching skills and skill sets for their 21st century students.

Taja T2® helps schools by reengineering their classrooms and teaching staff. Schools can save from upwards of $10,000 per year per teacher by using the Taja T2® teaching system/paradigm. Better schools, better teachers, better students, better school finances.

Taja TT®, Teacher Training. Reform in education.
Just because it makes sense. Dollars and sense.

Taja Teacher Training. TT®

With Taja T2® you and your school will be getting a whole new world of opportunities, creativeness and innovation. And BIG financial savings too. Teachers/schools/administratiors jump on board, don't get left behind. 


You'll be finding in this Taja® website three different, cutting edge, new SYSTEM upgrades for the teaching profession. Applicable anywhere around the world.

Taja T1® and Taja T2® are based on actual empirical experiences from within the classroom.

Taja T3®, robotic teachers, is our distant future. T3® is still in the theoretical stage simply because technology isn't yet up to par. But sooner than we think, robotic teachers based on AI will be here!


If teaching is to be more effective in the 21st century- able to captivate, engage, inspire and empower our 21st century pupils- then we as teachers are going to have to improve our teaching methods, and change how we teach. We're going to have to reform education and not continue to incrementally improve it. Please have your school contact us to start the upgrade process.


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