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  Taja T2®


"We know that within a school, teacher quality is the single biggest influence on student engagement and achievement and that improving teacher effectiveness is the best method of improving student performance.

Teacher preparation and the early years of teaching experience are critical in developing effective teachers. To improve classroom practice and get the best teachers in every school, and into every training program, we need to attract the right people into teaching, give them the best possible training, and support them as they move into the classroom."

That's going to happen quicker and profoundly better when we change the teaching paradigm from a one teacher paradigm to a two teacher paradigm. But not just any two teacher paradigm but rather a Taja T2® dual teacher paradigm because T2® works for any quality of teacher. Immediately.












How do you swiftly create a better school, better teachers, better students and better school finances?

You achieve that by changing the teaching paradigm in the classroom from a one teacher in one classroom paradigm
to a two teachers in one classroom paradigm.

Redefining teaching-Redefining teacher



Financially schools profit.

As a school do you want to cut administrative costs AND payrolls in a very substantial BIG way?

Would creating a budget surplus be bad for your school? Or good?

Does the possibility of expanding and growing your school without adding new teachers to the payroll interest you?

Do you want to improve the quality of education in your classrooms?

Is boosting teacher morale, reducing burnout, reducing teacher turnover and improving productivity on your radar?

Is it your wish to become more modern, more innovative, more efficient and a leading school too?

Welcome to Taja T2®.
Learn more below















Pedagogically teachers profit.

As a teacher do you want to see and experience a more dynamic classroom in all your classes?

Accelerated learning and more participation from your students?

More love and light in the classroom?

Do you want your job to be easier? With two Taja trained teachers in the classroom it becomes much easier and less stressful for the teacher!

Do you want to experience more personal growth and more professional growth year after year?

As a teacher has all the above been a wish list of yours for years now?

Welcome to Taja T2®.
Learn more here


A two teachers in one classroom teaching system.
T2® from Taja® can and will swiftly improve the quality of education in your school
and solve most of your budgetary problems too.


We're not here to lecture, we're here to create
with you. Create something new. Something wonderful.

Find a comfortable chair, sit back, and proceed below.

You'll find lot's more below. Let's start creating together!

We're calling for reform... we're calling for all teachers worldwide to disengage and discontinue with the 19th century one teacher/one classroom paradigm and replace it with a two teachers/one classroom paradigm. The one teacher/one classroom paradigm doesn't address the needs of teachers, students, schools, school finances or society in the 21st century. It's obsolete.


Tap into innovative teaching methods
Unlocking teachers/unlocking students
Not theory
Not Co-teaching
For schools with vision

Do your classrooms look like this?
Financial benefits

Benefits above and beyond the classroom


Introduction- "Tap Into Innovative Teaching Methods"

  • The way we see it is like this... "The problem in our educational systems and in your school specifically is not a question of more technology in the classroom, smaller classroom sizes, cooperative or theme based learning, testing and assessment procedures, curriculums, or funding issues. All of that is masking and misreading the fundamental problem. The problem is not even the students or the quality of the teachers themselves. It also is not a staffing problem i.e., "my school is understaffed."

    In fact, it's none of that. When you see all that as "THE PROBLEM" that means you're still caught in a 19th century matrix... and therefore you're answers and solutions are at best 20th century solutions.

    In fact, the fundamental problem is the teaching system itself, the one classroom/one teacher paradigm. Change the teaching paradigm from the 19th century teaching paradigm (one classroom/one teacher) to a 21st century teaching paradigm (one classroom/two teachers). When doing that most of the above issues subside and disappear. Change the teaching paradigm from one classroom/one teacher to two teachers in the same classroom and you'll see a dramatic and swift improvement in the quality of education in your school coupled with HUGE financial savings."

    And so, the outcome is:

    • the understaffed problem disappears.

    • the quality of teacher problem disappears.

    • the quality of student problem disappears.

    • the funding and budgetary problems disappears.

    • the curriculum problem is reduced.

    • the testing and assessment procedure problems is reduced.

    • the cooperative or theme based learning problem disappears.

    • smaller classroom sizes issue disappears.

    • more technology in the classroom problem disappears.







"Innovative Teaching Models, with Innovative Results"

  • TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE in a lot of things in life...

    For example we all know from practical experience that two eyes are probably better than one. Two arms and two legs are probably better than only one arm or one leg. Two hands holding a pot of boiling water is surely better than one. On an airplane two wings seem better than one. When eating, two chopsticks is far better than one (with one chopstick only it's very very hard to consummate the meal!). Two wheels on a bicycle or motorbike are much better than one alone. Two TV broadcasters commenting on a sporting event are usually superior than one alone. Similarly, two talk hosts in a talk show on TV are better than one alone. One alone is soooo boring. The list goes on and on. In general, it seems that anything that encompasses a subject-object "relationship," and people, two does the job better than one... be it love, work or play.

    And in teaching, two definitely are better than one!

    Pedagogically, two teachers in one classroom are far superior to one teacher in one classroom. Financially, far superior too.

    In the next five pages we are going to show you the mechanics and economics of a TAJA® dual teacher TEACHING paradigm and prove to you why and how it's a superior teaching paradigm and system for the 21st century. Welcome to Taja T2®.

    We want to train your teachers
    in our Taja T2® teaching system. And help your school move into the 21st century.


Unlocking teachers, unlocking students 

  • T2® improves the teacher's teaching experience in multiple ways.

    Taja T2® moves a school, a classroom, and the teaching profession into a new innovative cutting edge modern 21st century teaching paradigm. Taja T2® is not an evolution in education, but rather a fundamental shift, a paradigm shift for teachers, students and the classroom environment.

    Taja T2® raises the bar in education by "unlocking" teachers™, and consequently that results in an "unlocking" of their students™. 

    This system which we developed unlocks teachers because it maximizes their human capital in ways which a one teacher/one classroom paradigm doesn't even begin to address.

    Learn more how teachers improve professionally.
    After clicking the above link, drill down even further here.


  • The student learning experience improves by creating a dynamic energetic teaching environment which students individually and collectively respond to, and profit from. Tried, tested, and proven. Academically students profit.

    Learn here how students benefit.

    As a student don't you wish that your teachers really cared about you?

    More basic human love in and out of your classrooms?

    Don't you want a less boring teacher?

    Wouldn't you appreciate a less boring classroom?

    Is it your hope to not just get a degree but learn and improve your life skills too? To personally grow and develop as a human being too?

    Don't you wish that your classrooms and classes were more fun while at the same time your grades kept improving too?

    With Taja T2® all this happens!
    Demand from your teachers that they start T2'ing today!



Taja T2® is a 21st century teaching paradigm with the unique potential to simultaneously and immediately improve teachers, students, school and school financials all at the same time, in one go, in one act.

It removes the onus of learning from the student (i.e., study harder! study more! work harder!) and as importantly transfers the burden of teaching from the teacher and school back to where it actually belongs... on the teaching paradigm itself (i.e., creating an improved platform for teaching, and consequently learning).

Productivity improvements in teaching translate into productivity improvements in learning.

We at TAJA didn't invent the wheel of teaching, but as you can already sense we sure are reinventing the teacher and redefining teaching in ways no one before us has.


"Redefining teacher-Redefining teaching"

  • Pivot the classroom... The Taja T2® paradigm shift is way beyond Co-teaching.

    Co-teaching isn't based on any principles, nor does it entail a methodology. It's a one dimensional act that creative teachers and creative schools have occasionally dabbled in, but nothing more than that.

    Taja T2® on the other hand has a methodology, a structure and techniques that teachers work with while in and while out of the classroom. There's a structure to it, a logic, and a dynamic.

    Furthermore, Co-teaching has always been dependent on the specific skills, motivation, and quality of a specific teacher. But here in Taja T2® none of that is important nor decisive. We're suggesting STRUCTURAL CHANGE, independent of the quality of teacher, their motivation, or teaching experience. Independent of the quality of the school, too.

    More so, because of the financial implications of T2®, it becomes very valuable to schools wishing to expand without adding new teachers to the payroll or alternatively, wishing to cut costs/teacher payrolls without cutting the quality of education at the school.

    We've never heard anyone say co-teaching is financially valuable nor viable. Have you?

    Learn more how Taja T2® differs from Co-teaching.


  • Taja T2® is built on basic human principles, on basic human love, and because of that every teacher can learn the system and it can be applied to every subject on every level at any school. Taja T2® is not a theoretical proposition but rather an empirical platform. It can be universally applied at any school, department or faculty. In any country. In any cultural context. In any language. With any curriculum.


  • The root of Taja T2® can be found in the psychological and behavioral changes which our 21st century students are exhibiting right before our very own eyes. These 21st century changes are apparent in every country, and in every culture around the globe! These changes demand already today, NOW already in this decade, a policy response from academic institutions, from your school and teachers.

    T2® creates spontaneous interaction, dialogue and curiosity in the classroom.
    T2® invigorates both teachers and students alike.

    And that's what makes this extremely powerful.


NOT theory

T2® is based on empirical evidence.

From experience within the classroom. 

It is not a theoretical proposition nor did it grow out of theory

The Taja T2® teaching paradigm grew from observing what's going on in our university classrooms week after week, term after term, year after year and looking for a better way to teach and a better way to captivate, engage, inspire and empower our Chinese students in China. 

It was a long drawn out process of trial and error investigations in our classrooms.

As a teaching paradigm, T2® is very 21st century.

By that we mean there is a strong emphasis on self evident recurring sustainable results, and financial viability too.

"Sustainability" is of course a very 21st century theme that most of us are familiar with.

And "financial viability" is soon to become a major theme too as economies around the world enter into deep prolonged contraction due to growth slowdown, liquidity and credit drying up.

A teaching paradigm no matter how innovative it is but which cannot pay for itself nor improve school finances is basically unacceptable in the 21st century. The 21st century is going to be governed by "financial smarts" and not just "intellectual or creative or environmental smarts."

Pedagogically teachers profit.
Academically students profit.
Financially schools profit.

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Learn more below...





To ignore Taja T2® would be foolish!

There are just too many benefits, advantages and dividends with T2®.

No matter what type of school you are, no matter what the curriculum is or where your school is located the bottom line is when using Taja T2® (two teachers/one classroom) as the teaching paradigm your school is enhanced and enriched, your teachers are enhanced and enriched and your student body is enhanced and enriched both academically and personally, on a human level too.


  • Better teachers- higher morale / less burnout / better teaching experiences/ less turnover.

  • Better pupils- attentive students /more creative thinking / better classrooms and test scores.

  • Better education- Happier teachers. Happier students. Enhanced learning.

  • Financial savings dividends.

  • Efficiency of resources dividends.

  • Name, prestige, marketing advantages for the school.

  • Vision, innovation / creativity benefits for school, teachers and students alike.


The classroom becomes alive and enriched- fun, dynamic, creative, participatory and spacious.

This is how you "Restore Value in Education." 


NOT Co-teaching

Please note, T2® goes way beyond Co-Teaching.

It's also not two teachers debating, nor is it about alternating teachers in the classroom.

It's more about an interaction between two teachers, what we call at Taja a "dance" between two teachers and the interaction that takes place between the two teachers and their pupils. It's a new way of teaching in a classroom.

Taja T2® is much more sophisticated than just throwing two teachers together into a classroom and hoping for the best which is what most Co-Teaching is about.


The Taja T2® teaching paradigm is a practical sophisticated system.

When we say "two teachers," or a "dual teacher system" we're talking about something very unique, and very profound. It should be approached with the utmost respect.

T2® is a methodology- a "dance" using the full spectrum of the classroom as the stage- and within this methodology T2® trained teachers have over 30 different innovative Taja techniques to drive the dynamics in their 21st century classrooms.


We drive the dynamics by invigorating curiosity, eagerness to learn, concentration, participation, dialog, and interaction in ways never seen nor experienced before in a school classroom, never seen before both by teachers and students alike.

We say "never seen before" because in a one teacher/one classroom paradigm, non of this is proactively encouraged... the one teacher/one classroom paradigm doesn't encourage any of this not because teachers don't think it isn't important but rather because STRUCTURALLY, it's too hard. If not almost impossible. It's too draining on teachers and too complicated to achieve.

Structurally there is only one teacher in the classroom.

And because of that structure teachers are held hostage to a certain mode of behavior in the classroom and to a mental mindset which isn't overly expansive, exciting nor dynamic in the classroom ... simply because they're alone in the classroom. That's the issue.


We believe every teacher around the globe sincerely would like to invigorate curiosity, eagerness to learn, concentration, participation, dialog, and interaction...but they can't.

It's literally almost impossible class by class, week after week.

Periodically it is possible, but then again, that depends on the personality of the teacher, their drive, personal zeal and energy levels and/or the quality of the students. If it's dependent on the personality of the teacher, the energy levels of the teacher or the quality of the students, that limits the global potential for improving education.

We need a structural solution that can be applied to any teacher, any school, in any locality. Structurally, it's quite difficult to achieve any dynamic enthusiasm in the one teacher/one classroom paradigm simply because the structure wasn't designed to provide any.


This is why TAJA is calling all schools, and all teachers worldwide, to disengage and discontinue with this 19th century paradigm. It doesn't address the needs of teachers, students, schools or society in the 21st century. It's obsolete.

The bottom line is with Taja T2® we can go places and get to places with our students where a one teacher/one classroom system/paradigm honestly cannot.

Learn more how teachers improve professionally.

After clicking the above link, drill down even further here.


Do your classrooms presently resemble anything like this?

They could with Taja T2
® in your hands!

Pay attention not just to the teachers and what's going on in
the classroom with them, but more so to the pupils... their eyes, facial
expression, attention, concentration, etc., etc.. This is a live
university classroom setting. China, 2015.

USA and International viewers... improve your streaming connection by using You tube to watch this video


For viewers in China using the above player...

PLEASE NOTE, sometimes the videos don't load on a mobile phone. You'll therefore have to watch on desktop or laptop.
We're in discussions to solve this problem. It is a technical problem with their video player.


  Please note:

If you think you can just wing it alone on your own, and see the type of results we see in T2® classrooms, well, we wish you good luck... putting two untrained teachers into a large classroom is a recipe for disaster, or at best a feeble attempt at co-teaching.

To get to the point where two teachers in one classroom impress the pupils because the teachers are "dancing" and the school saves money, not many if any will be able to do that anytime soon. We've spent years at this, in this... it makes more sense for you, dollars and sense, to just license our services and immediately progress into the future with tangible results in hand. With Taja T2® you reduce your risks, while maximizing the benefits. 

A dual teacher system is difficult to implement for quite a few reasons. Here are just a few... Ego is a big deterrent. Classroom teachers usually have big egos, they want to defend their fiefdoms... they don't want anyone or anything butting in on them. Lack of any previous experience in sharing a classroom is another big deterrent. They've never done it before. They don't know where, when and how to start, and where when and how to finish. Resistance to change is another obvious deterrent. Lack of 21st century techniques and skills to facilitate learning and teaching is a serious deterrent too. And without a philosophical backbone, well, it's just another incremental approach to teaching... not a paradigm shift. We all know what all the incremental "evolutionary" approaches have delivered to date, not much. EDU is and has been in decline for the past hundred years, if not more. More incremental changes is the last thing any of us need right now. We need a fundamental change. We need a total paradigm shift. We need a reform in education. Taja T2® is the perfect place to start.

Descriptively, putting two untrained teachers into one large classroom is a bit like putting two bulls into a small pen.

Or two Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) into the same fish tank.

Or two birds from different species into the same cage. One gorges the other, or even kills the other, rather quickly.

The key to success in a dual teacher paradigm is training and merging. Without the merging there is no financial incentive to move into a dual teacher paradigm. Without the training, chaos and havoc will almost always follow, or at best a low level of success.

Our experience shows that two TAJA T2® trained teachers can superbly manage a classroom comprising up to 90 - 120 students.

One teacher alone obviously cannot even begin to effectively teach such a large classroom (i.e., engage, inspire, captivate, and empower the students and at the same time teach the curriculum) and stay in control of the classroom...but two TRAINED in Taja T2® can.

And they can do it exceptionally well.

In fact, much better than if you had three individual teachers in three individual classrooms of 30 to 40 students each per classroom.

Students win.
Click to learn more.



For schools with vision

Taja T2® is for schools with vision.
For 21st century schools.

"Innovative Teaching Models, with Innovative Results"

  • T2® is for schools which consistently strive to improve the quality of their present and future teaching staff.
  • T2® is for schools which strive to improve the quality of learning in their classrooms.
  • Taja T2® is for schools which seek to cut expenses and reduce staff/ employee costs and turnover!
  • T2® is for schools who want to grow and expand without adding new teachers and administrators to their payroll. Nor without adding new buildings for new classrooms, new IT systems and computer equipment, nor any new schools being constructed.



John Dewey was absolutely correct!
John Dewey was a great American philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer.

Today, and surely into the immediate future, we need to be teaching our students in a different way. Otherwise, we're robbing them of their future because past performance doesn't necessarily predict future results in our fast moving modern world.

2 teachers in one classroom are above and beyond the 1 teacher system. It is a different way of teaching. It enriches the students (and the classroom) rather than robbing both of them. Our pupils deserve a better tomorrow. Our teachers do too. Your school does too.


T2® creates a dynamic paradigm shift for the classroom, and for schools.

In any language. At any level of education.


  • T2® is targeting schools- small, medium and large sized. It can be swiftly applied globally and universally in any school in every faculty and department. T2® was designed and founded in a university classroom environment. But actually, it can be applied not just in universities but in any academic classroom be it colleges, high schools, primary school right down to kindergartens. Or alternatively, in any teaching and training forum.


Financial benefits

  • "Investing in the Future of Education"

    • A small school can save tens of thousands of Dollars, every year, year after year.

    • An average sized school can save hundreds of thousands of Dollars, Yuan, Euro or Yen year in and year out.

    • A big school, a very large organization, can literally save millions from implementing Taja T2® across the board.

    • T2® is not intrusive on your budget as a one teacher/one classroom paradigm is. Just the opposite! It enriches schools.

    • Taja T2® is how schools swiftly reform and repair their financial balance sheet.
      After all a school is also a business and not just a place of learning- planning, budgeting, scheduling, marketing, human resource management, expenses and income all have to be addressed. And it all shows up in two simple columns in your school financial balance sheet.


    How is all the above achieved?
    Drill down deeper.
    Click here to learn how Taja T2® achieves these savings for you and your school.


    Individual schools can very much benefit and PROFIT from Taja T2® because with Taja T2® schools keep growing their competitive advantages over their rivals not just pedagogically, and from a marketing perspective too, but also financially. Schools who respect, want and need financial innovation and reform can find refuge in Taja T2®.

    Beyond the individual school level there are HUGE financial implications in the tens and hundreds of millions of dollars for local and state governments because Taja T2® translates into less building and construction of new classrooms and new schools.


At no extra costs to anyone, what's there not to like?

This is a risk free proposition with enormous recurring year on year quantifiable dividends for schools and teachers!



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Above and beyond the classroom:

1) Developing soft skills
2) Building less schools

3) Affordable education... a reduction in tuition fees

Taja T2® obviously has immediate benefits in the classroom for teachers, pupils, schools and school finances but it goes way beyond just that.

There are implications that go far beyond the classroom and a specific school.

For example relevance to our students future world, for employment purposes. And relevance for municipalities, states and provinces. They need less school buildings, and less schools.

1) Future employment prospects of our students improve by developing soft skills already in the classroom.

  • Employers in this era of robots coupled with a pool of abundant applicants with college degrees aren't just seeking to hire employees with knowledge in a specific area (hard skills i.e., welding, coding, engineers, doctors, lawyers, marketing, finance, economics, etc. ) but rather they're specifically looking for people who possess proficiency in soft skills too. That's becoming the defining criteria, the line in the sand, the difference between full time employment at a higher wage or part time employment at purgatory wages. Source: See here, here, and here.

    Soft skills include collaboration skills, communication skills, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Credentials don't generate these skills--experience is required.

    At Taja we feel that this experience should be commencing right now in the classroom and not just after graduation
    because research shows this is what the employment marketplace wants to see from job applicants already now. Soft skills are the password to log into a better job. And to retain that job. Taja T2® facilitates soft skills development within the classroom no matter what the curriculum being taught is. It is integral to the T2® paradigm. And that's unique with regards to a classroom teaching paradigm. In fact, it's unheard of. Revolutionary. No previous teaching paradigm even ever touched upon this.

  • Within the classroom leading students forward by 'soft skills' is so much more powerful than teaching by just lecturing, showing slides, proposing theory and disseminating information. And it is exponentially more powerful than teaching and administrating through fear- tests, grading and evaluations, disciplinary demands and attendance records. In Chinese universities for example, 30% of a students final grade is determined by attendance. That's ridiculous! Our job as teachers and school administrators is to create a teaching atmosphere and environment where they want to attend, and do. Of course if the classroom and the teacher is stifling boring as in a one teacher/one classroom paradigm, they don't want to attend. And therefore we have to force them with attendance recording.

    Bottom line, whatever the curriculum being taught is, if we want our pupils to be caring human beings, intellectually honest, trust worthy, compassionate and to critically think and problem solve all at the same time there is no better way to create the environment for them to learn these soft skills than with two Taja trained T2® teachers consciously applying these traits consistently right in their pupils faces, and at the same time simultaneously interacting with their pupils with soft skills while teaching the curriculum, in real-time in the classroom.


2) Less building of schools, because less classrooms are needed.

A big portion of municipalities, states and provinces budgets goes to construction and maintenance of new schools, new buildings, new classrooms.

These new schools and new buildings projects are in the hundreds of millions of dollars... and most become unnecessary and redundant when you pivot the teaching system, the teaching paradigm, from a one teacher/one classroom paradigm to a TAJA® two teachers/one classroom paradigm.

The reason being, you enjoy better utilization of resources by/ with bigger classrooms.

When education started to decline in the last century EDU researchers came up with the idea that smaller classrooms sizes would improve education. But it hasn't. It was another incremental evolutionary tweak of the one classroom/one teacher paradigm which hasn't delivered. In fact, it's delivered a ton of costly unintended consequences.


One unintended consequence has been that it has diverted precious monetary and fiscal resources. Secondly, it resulted in a hiring of more teachers AND more layers of administrators. Thirdly, it ended up putting more additional stress on existing administrators and teachers WHEN enough new teachers and/or administrators were not hired (due to budgetary restraints) to populate the growing number of smaller classrooms. The unintended consequences of that was more stress placed upon existing teachers which has resulted in more teacher burnout=lower teacher morale=EDU degradation.

Last but surely not least, more classrooms, more buildings, more schools were required and constructed worldwide at the cost of billions of dollars over the past fifty to one hundred years.

In short the one teacher/one classroom paradigm, regardless of classroom size, was and is a policy mistake and mismanagement of resource allocation. The paradigm itself is the source of many, if not most, of our problems in education!


Here's a 21st century example of the process playing out in Sweden RIGHT NOW in 2016.

Take note how destructive the process of building new schools is to communities and society overall:

"In Malmoe, Sweden’s third-largest city, elementary schools director Anders Malmqvist said he faced "an investment mountain" to upgrade aging facilities even before the latest round of migrants. To keep up, he needs to build about 25 new schools by 2023 at a cost of as much as 6 billion kronor ($720 million) -- an amount that will consume the area’s entire investment budget if changes aren’t made, leaving nothing to maintain existing infrastructure such as roads and bridges." Source: Bloomberg.


Within a Taja T2® teaching paradigm context we don't need more classrooms, nor more teachers, nor more new buildings, nor upgrading of old buildings, nor more new school construction.

We just need to fill the existing buildings and classrooms with more students per classroom using less teachers because the Taja T2® teaching paradigm allows that to happen without degrading the quality of education.

In fact the quality of education improves. Better teachers, better students, less classrooms, less new schools needed.

It's that simple, that logical.



We don't know why it has taken so long for others to realize what seems obvious to us and is common sense to us. But the fact is, no one in the field of education has in the past one hundred years, nor is today, talking about so many cross disciplinary applications and consequences of educational reform by simply eliminating the one teacher/one classroom paradigm... by changing the teaching paradigm as we at TAJA TEACHER TRAINING® (Taja TT®) are.

If you feel to dispute any of our above work, we look forward to you contacting us so that we can open a dialogue with you and discuss educational reform with you within the context of Taja T2®.

If not, take advantage of us and make a move NOW.

Affordable education


Why should your school start T2'ing right now, STARTING NEXT ACADEMIC SEMESTER?

No new investments of any kind neither by teacher, student or school.


Absolutely none.

Yet the payoff is huge.

  • No new teachers.

  • No new administrators.

  • No new classrooms.

  • No new buildings.

  • No new books.

  • No new curriculums.

  • No new computer technology or any new information technology required.

In short, no real direct or indirect financial or pedagogic reasons/ excuses not to start.

Yet on the other hand, because of the financial benefits that Taja T2® gives schools (by merging classrooms and reducing teacher staff, administrators and payrolls) this TAJA paradigm presents new worlds of opportunities for academia to cut tuition fees.

FOR EXAMPLE, the financial burden created by the higher education cartel in the USA is immense and expanding:

To mask the enormity of the sums squandered on "education" that has little measurable results, the federal government has purchased most of the debt:

No inflation here--just a 137% increase in 15 years:

"A system (the one teacher/one classroom system) that piles debt on students in exchange for a marginal or even zero-return on their investment is morally and financially bankrupt." Source:

When a school has a budgetary surplus, augmented by a reduction in fixed costs (teacher and administrator payrolls), income (tuition fees) can be adapted to achieve a more virtuous equilibrium between expenses and income. The potential for being able to reduce tuition fees finally becomes a reality when using Taja T2® as the teaching paradigm at your school.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand the diversity of value TAJA T2® gives to schools, teachers and students both within the school environment, and outside of the school premises.

You shouldn't just be investigating TAJA T2® but rather we should be demanding it!

TAJA T2® profoundly changes the classroom making our job as classroom teachers easier, better and more productive, bringing more professional satisfaction and personal growth to us as teachers. Which of course benefits our students. And of course, our school alike.

Quality education... innovation... a renaissance in the teaching profession.

Pings of energy in the classroom. Bursts of spontaneous content. Choice in the classroom. Intellectual honesty. Dynamic movement in our classrooms.

And the students love it.

Teachers love it.

And schools immediately profit financially from this paradigm shift.

Just pay us the Taja TT® T2® licensing and training fee after the training is done, completed and certified. That's the deal. 


Have your school administrator contact us for licensing and training policies.

Taja TT® wants your school to license Taja T2®.

Licensing includes on site training of your teachers at your school. At your timing of choice.

Contact us and go the next step.
But first, read the next page!


Why TAJA T2?

Because the future
is amendable- amendable because of you the teacher and school.

Learn more details about T2® right now. Learn the mechanics of why and how T2® works in the next three pages.

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Taja T2® is your pupils tomorrow... here today.
It's the end of the boring teacher, boring school, school sucks syndrome.
It opens the door to a better brighter future for all of us- schools, teachers, pupils.

It's a better way for teaching today's students. It infuses and stimulates the teachers, the classroom and the students. More than ever there is a chance for everyone to get "wet with content." And everyone - pupils and teachers- respond to the dramatic change in the classroom environment which Taja T2® causes. That's undeniable.

Unfortunately, to our discredit, schools today are still teaching using the same OLD boring teaching paradigm (one classroom/one teacher) which we taught yesterday's, and yesteryear pupils with. In fact the one classroom/one teacher teaching paradigm is already 150 years old! Can you believe that? It's that old, yet still in place. We've robbed our pupils enough. It's time we cease doing this. It's time we paid attention to Dewey. It's time we- schools, administrators, teachers and students- take some calculated risks and move forward into a new exciting dynamic 21st century teaching paradigm which is a win-win-win for all: for schools, for teachers, for pupils.

Please remember this...

The problem in our educational systems and in your school specifically is not a question of more or less technology in the classroom, smaller classroom sizes, cooperative or theme based learning, testing and assessment procedures, curriculums, or funding issues. All of that is masking and misreading the fundamental problem. The problem is not the students or even the teachers themselves. The fundamental problem is the teaching system itself, the one classroom/one teacher paradigm. Change the paradigm and you'll see a dramatic swift improvement in the quality of education in your school!


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