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  Taja T2®

Why Taja T2®?

Because we can do a lot better than what's on the table right now.


Because we owe it to our students.

Because we owe it to our teachers.

Because to ignore Taja T2® would be foolish.


With T2® The classroom becomes:

  • More dynamic.

  • More exciting.

  • Enriched.

  • More interactive.

  • More expressive.

  • More intelligent.

  • Creative.

And consequently learning becomes more abundant both for the individual student and collectively for all the students in the classroom.


With T2® learning becomes more abundant because the students are:

  • More SELF disciplined.

  • More engaged and concentrated.

  • More trusting.

  • More involved e.g. interactive with the teachers and other students.

  • More curious of the content being taught.

  • More touched- mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  • More attentive because in T2® the student's 21st century psychological needs of 'engage-disengage-reengage' are met again and again! (this is a crucial point!)


And, with Taja T2®, your school can end up saving money by merging classrooms the T2® way, cutting teachers and administrative staff.

Big money!




If you think about all the above, you're bound to conclude- this is all quite revolutionary if it's true.

More so, if you're excited, you should be! You've found a real solution to a lot of problems your school has- staffing issues, budget issues, quality of education issues, innovation and modernity issues.

So know, it all is true!

And we can prove it to you> please keep reading through the next three pages and then drill down further into the content to understand how teachers profits, students profit and schools profit.


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The classroom...

Or is it?
It's time we relate to it differently than we have in the past.


T2® is a long overdue paradigm shift in EDU that can be swiftly implemented.

It gives you the teachers and the school administrators a multitude of more choices and more options to work with, in and outside of the classroom.



At Taja® we actually support less technology in the classroom... less technology is better than more in our opinion.

The root of the Taja T2® paradigm shift is grounded in a psychological and behavioral change which our students are undergoing right before our very own eyes. Please click on the link to learn about these changes. 

A change brought on by smartphones, the internet and social media.

Technology has rewired our kid's brains. And that has implications for their learning capacity and how best to teach them. Structurally, the one teacher/one classroom system wasn't geared for these changes. How could it be? It was created over 150 years ago!

To ignore this change is shortsighted, foolish and counter productive as teachers and as a school of learning, a place of learning.

To meet these challenges head on would be more intelligent, creative, innovative and productive if we honestly want to improve education in this millennium.


Take note of this 2015 study by market research firm Childwise.

Changing times these are... therefore we're saying
flip the teaching paradigm now, don't wait. There is
no sense in losing another decade or two before implementing T2®.


The writing is already on the wall...

"The amount of time children spend glued to a screen has risen dramatically in the last 20 years, a new report suggests. Source.

Children aged five to 16 spend an average of six and a half hours a day in front of a screen compared with around three hours in 1995, according to market research firm Childwise. Teenaged boys spend the longest, with an average of eight hours!

Eight-year-old girls spend the least - three-and-a-half hours, according to the study. Screen time is made up of time spent watching TV, playing games consoles, using a mobile, computer or tablet."

In short, as we can see from the above 2015 data our future university students in a decade or more from now are going to be even more accustomed to bursts of content, bursts of energy, bursts of creative spontaneity, and are going to be looking for it in the classroom. That's what the screen gives them... bursts of content, energy, creative spontaneity.

Shouldn't the teaching paradigm in universities and institutions of higher education already be acknowledging and accompanying this phenomena, now? In fact, in all schools, not just universities?

Unless a teacher is an exceptionally dynamic person with an exceptionally dynamic personality chances are for the majority of teachers alone on their own, in a one teacher/one classroom paradigm, it always is going to be a daily uphill battle to captivate, engage, inspire and empower their students thereby turning the classroom into a celebration of learning. Yes, there periodically will be days of occasional success, but there will be many more days and many many classes of failure. We don't care how hard they try, it's just not going to happen consistently week in and week out, term after term, year after year. Its a structural problem that inhibits this from happening. And bringing technology into the classroom is just another way of diverting attention from the problem. The problem lies in the the teaching paradigm itself, that's what needs to be changed.


Pedagogically the one classroom/one teacher paradigm strangles teachers.

It impedes teaching.

It impedes students.

It impedes learning.


The one classroom/one teacher paradigm impedes and therefore should be rejected BECAUSE it doesn't relate to any...

  • Spaciousness or abundance. It's so 19th century. So stifling. It's a static teaching environment rather than delivering dynamic real-life experiences of spontaneous bursts, interactive engagement and interaction.

  • The one classroom/one teacher system/paradigm constrains teachers rather than liberating their human potential and capital. Capital is defined as time, knowledge, wisdom, skillfulness in the curriculum being taught, general teaching skills and life experiences.

  • It lacks touch and energetics. Consequently, it separates teacher from students.

  • Spontaneity gets murdered. Teachers lack room to maneuver and improvise, to create and innovate spontaneously while the lesson is going on in the classroom. When that's not happening you're not "touching" your students.

  • And it is financially costly. Very costly.


Function follows form:

The theoretical part of our T2® proposal has it's roots in the axiom that function follows form or in other words Function follows structure.

Everything else we are talking about is from empirical observations. An empirical experience. 

We call this phenomena of dual teaching the T2® way as-- two teachers unlocking themselves.

Unlocking each other.

When you unlock the space the T2® way, you unlock the teachers, and consequently you end up unlocking the students™.


Unlocking the potential and energy of students, unlocking their potential and energy as human beings. The classroom inevitably becomes alive again.

Students start to breath again.

Energy, a dynamic energy force field, fills the classroom.


Two teachers together in the same classroom using TAJA T2® techniques find themselves unlocking their love, their basic human love- caring, helping, trusting, respecting, kindness, warmth and honesty. They find themselves unequivocally illuminating their basic human love in the classroom.


And that is exactly what many kids in today's world are lacking in their lives, and are searching for! Basic Human Love!

Something that one teacher alone never can provide to the extent that two trained in T2® techniques can together simply because Basic Human Love is the philosophical foundation of the the Taja Teacher Training course for T2®. It's our starting point in day 1 when training teachers in T2®.


Illuminating knowledge, talents and skills.

Illuminating the curriculum to be taught.

Illuminating creative thought, out of the box thinking, creative wholesome actions.

Illuminating their students. And illuminating themselves. Illuminating love.


In short, when you find two teachers dancing together in the classroom the T2® way, you also find two teachers supporting each other in ways they never dreamt about. They start "unlocking" each other, and that consequently ends up, translates into, an "unlocking" of their students.


Right now, there are over 5300 education related apps available to schools, teachers and students yet have we seen a 5300% improvement in education, or academic achievements.

Or school finances? Or even a 100% improvement? Or even a 25% improvement?

Or even 10%?


Right now classroom teachers worldwide are HELD HOSTAGE to the one classroom-one teacher paradigm.

And held hostage in the one classroom-one teacher paradigm.

As teachers, students and schools we should reject this situation.


More technology in the classroom isn't the answer.

More technology is just leading us down a dead-end road, again.


We're being led with technology even deeper into the one teacher-one classroom paradigm hole. Deeper into the abyss of educational failure. What we as teachers, administrators and innovators actually need to do is to discard in totality the one teacher-one classroom paradigm.

To reject it, discard it, and replace it with a 21st century two teachers/one classroom paradigm.


If you don't feel or think like us, then please show us the evidence why to continue with the one teacher/one classroom paradigm. It's really hard to find any, isn't it?

Fear of change is not a sufficient reason nor a very productive one to impede progress.


Taja T2®... Because it's time.

It's time pedagogically. It's time financially.

It's a win-win-win-win for everyone involved.



Our Taja® policy response:
Less technology. More love... more basic human love.

The root of the Taja T2® paradigm shift is grounded in REALITY, in a 21st century technological reality, in a psychological and behavioral change which our students are undergoing right before our very own eyes because of technology. A change which demands and requires from us, teachers and administrators, a policy response.


What the world is lacking is love.

And to a large degree it's lacking because for too many decades our children have been attending classrooms that are void of love, void of basic human love.

Not more technology in the classroom, but rather love. That's our calling. We urgently need more of it in the classroom - more BasicHumanLove™.


Taja T2® trained teachers rely on their BasicHumanLove to make their classrooms meet with an open mind and an open heart, the challenges of the 21st century.

Teachers using a Taja T2® paradigm are provided with a multitude of techniques, methods and new skill sets to skillfully influence, massage and engineer the teaching environment in ways they never had before in a one classroom/one teacher system/paradigm.

BasicHumanLove™ is a philosophical positioning which leads to a swift transformation of the classroom environment once this awareness is awakened. And it's a big part of our Taja TT® T2® teacher training program.



Click to learn more about these
behavioral/psychological changes.




No matter how good our intentions as administrators or teachers have been, the one classroom/one teacher paradigm has been a dual whammy that's taken a heavy toll of the quality of education, worldwide.

It has bloated school budgets. And it has degraded the quality of education, too.

Continuing to reform the one classroom/one teacher paradigm with evolutionary and incremental improvements just isn't enough.

We need a complete paradigm shift!


Taja T2® begins the process of healing.

A process of renaissance for schools and teachers.

A revival of the teaching profession and the learning experience.

Year in and year out schools which implement T2® can experience HUGE financial savings compared to schools that don't.

Plus better students. And better teachers.


由于 TAJA T2 ® 是一种教学法,它与教师的个性无关,与他们是否有或没有多年的教学经验也无关,

与他们对课程知识点的掌握程度,与他们在课堂上使用的语言 (英语、 中文、 泰国、 日本、 法国、

俄罗斯、 西班牙等)或国籍,与他们信仰的体系或教学偏好,统统都无关。 如果你喜欢你信仰的体系和教学偏好,你也可以继续保留它们。



Drill down... learn more: Teachers profit from a T2® paradigm shift, HOW?
Drill down... learn more: Students profit from a T2® paradigm shift, HOW?



了解一下这个现象。。。每一个影响我们的孩子的行业在最近150年以来都经过许多个典范转移--如运输,信息技术,银行,经融,工程,生产,数据管理,娱乐,药物,医疗等等。 可是对于教育来讲就是个零,一个大0。我们还在用我的老爷爷小时候上课的教育典范。我们150年以来都堵住 在同一个老套教育模式里:一个老师在一个教室里上课。改变的时间就到了。在全世界各个国家我们愿做这个改变!



With two Taja T2® trained teachers presenting the curriculum together as a team everyone profits. Teachers, students, school. Now that's innovation in education!

We're saying the source of the problem in our educational systems is the teaching system itself, the teaching paradigm itself, the one classroom/one teacher paradigm. Flip that and everything else has a chance to fall into place- school finances, academic achievements, teachers worth and personal growth.

We're saying T2® can put BIG BUCKS back into a school's pocket ... Immediately within it's first year of implementation.



Still not sure?

Take a tour of the future...




Drill down...learn more: Teachers profit from T2, HOW?
Drill down...learn more: Students profit from T2, HOW?



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