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Taja T2®假设教师你们已经完全掌握了今年所 要教授的教学课程和大纲。因此,剩下来是让你们成为比你们想象的更好的教师。欢迎您来到TAJA TT® T2®


T2® assumes that you, a school teacher, already has your curriculum approved, a syllabus to follow, and complete mastery of what you intend to teach this year. Therefore, what's left is to make you a better teacher than you thought you could be.

Welcome to TAJA T2®. Two teachers in one classroom.


"Reform in Education"

Lets now discuss the "HOW"...

How T2® creates a better and more responsive teacher and a more creative dynamic teaching experience.

And consequently, a better classroom environment and a better learning experience for the pupil.



1. Teachers profit immensely from the "opening-up" of the space of the classroom.

And teachers profit from the kinetic movement T2® fosters with regards to the use of this space. Right now, in a one teacher/ one classroom paradigm, teachers don't even see the space, don't even relate to it, let alone use it... their oblivious to it and of course this is wasted capital. Taja T2® trained teachers certainly relate to the space and use it to their advantage to reengineer the dynamics of the classroom. This is an ongoing process throughout the two hour class lesson. If this point isn't clear to you please review the Taja T1® lesson #1 presentation, called space. You'll find there a detailed explanation, examples and case studies for your review.


2. Teachers profit immensely from each other's presence.

The "dance" that takes place between the two teachers in the classroom is at the core of our methodology. The teachings (the lessons) themselves become "the entertainment" for the students rather than the teachers. Presently, in the one teacher/one classroom paradigm teachers frequently need to become entertainers in order to get the attention of their students... jokes, humor, songs or whatever to catch their students attention... all of that is on account of teaching... with Taja T2® all that ends... the teachers job is to teach, and the paradigm (two teachers/one classroom) keeps everyone curious and focused on the teachings.

Consequently, more learning is taking place... Something is remembered. Something is thought about. Something questioned. An imprint is left in the students mind.


3. Teachers attain a capacity to enliven the classroom, to enrich it.

In the the one classroom/one teacher paradigm there is no place for BURSTS of content, BURSTS of energy, BURSTS of spontaneity because in a one-teacher paradigm if BURSTS take place the teacher in the one teacher/one classroom paradigm ends up within seconds losing control of the classroom. Furthermore they also lose the "integrity, totality and the continuity" of the lesson being taught.

But if you read the page in this website discussing the psychological and behavioral changes in the 21st century students makeup, you'll understand that BURSTS OF ENERGY are critical to our pupils mindset. If it is not present, you're not "touching" them. Therefore, the teaching paradigm should exhibit it too if we seek to "touch" our students minds. They're waiting for it, yet the 19th century one teacher/one classroom paradigm fails to deliver it, not even infrequently. That's a deterrent to a successful learning environment in the 21st century.


4. With two teachers trained in T2®, control of the lesson and the classroom becomes secondary.

Control of our students (disciplinary actions) also becomes secondary.

In a T2® paradigm the issue of "integrity, totality and continuity" loses it's value to a large extent offering the teachers much more flexibility in the classroom. The classroom and class curriculum can and is flipped tens of times, in any direction during a two hour class, spontaneously, in an instant, when two teachers are trained in T2®. That can't be done as effectively by one teacher alone in one classroom.

They don't have that flexibility programmed into that one teacher/one classroom paradigm.

With this kind of approach, disciplining students becomes secondary too. And instead, creativity and explosive impulsive mental stimulation becomes the call of order.


5. In T2® the two Taja trained T2® teachers create a "force field" within the space of the classroom.

Space means something. It's not just a room. It's not just the area within the four walls of the classroom. You can do with it as you like, with the space. It's time we teachers relate differently to the classroom space. T2® teachers light up the classroom space with colorful streaks of content and bursts of movement and energy.

That energy of course being themselves, and the content/ curriculum to be transmitted.

This is a fundamentally different situation for a classroom teacher than in a one teacher per classroom setting.



Drill down...learn more: Teachers profit from T2, HOW?
Drill down...learn more: Students profit from T2, HOW?


While to you the reader this discussion on "space" may be deemed mumble jumble, in fact the world is on the cusp of a revolution in vortex energy... We quote a leading engineer in this field...


"A century from now, it will be well known that: the vacuum of space which fills the universe is itself the real substratum of the universe; vacuum in a circulating state becomes matter; the electron is the fundamental particle of matter and is a vortex of vacuum with a vacuum-less void at the center and it is dynamically stable; the speed of light relative to vacuum is the maximum speed that nature has provided and is an inherent property of the vacuum; vacuum is a subtle fluid unknown in material media; vacuum is mass-less, continuous, non viscous, and incompressible and is responsible for all the properties of matter; and that vacuum has always existed and will exist forever.

Then scientists, engineers and philosophers will bend their heads in shame knowing that modern science ignored the vacuum in our chase to discover reality for more than a century."

~ Paramahamsa Tewari, Reactionless AC Synchronous Generator (RLG)

Source: Tewari.org


"Fundamentals of physics attracted Tewari's imaginations right from the early school and college days. Over the last four decades his new ideas on the basic nature of space, energy, and matter have solidified into definite shape from which a new theory (Space Vortex Theory) has emerged. The theory reveals the most basic issue of relationship between space and matter precisely pinpointing that space is a more fundamental entity than matter. The physical significance of mass, inertia, gravitation, charge and light are revealed by extending the analysis in the theory beyond material properties and into the substratum of space, which again is broken down into fieldless voids, thus showing the limit to which a physical theory can possibly reach. The real universe is shown to be opposite to the current concepts of concrete-matter and empty space."

Click here to read this article in laymen's language reviewing Tewari's work.




It's our duty as custodians of our students education and future job prospects
to set the causes and conditions for creative independent critical thinking ...

A teaching paradigm which by its' nature sets the 'causes and conditions' for critical thinking, creative individual thinking, independent thinking and "questioning is far superior than a teaching paradigm that doesn't.

Structurally the one teacher/one classroom paradigm doesn't foster nor encourage creative thinking / questioning / nor a challenging of the teacher. It's a dry, stale, stifling paradigm that basically turns the classroom, and the lessons being taught, into an exercise and endurance test in boredom. It's a platform that hampers learning rather than accelerating learning.

If we want creative thinking, critical independent thinking, etc., the easiest way to facilitate that is by by first setting the "environment."  In other words, by first setting the "conditions" for it to happen. T2®, does this wonderfully well.


With two Taja T2® trained teachers in your classrooms there is a lot more room for "questioning" to go on than in a one classroom-one teacher model where the one teacher is alone on their own... questioning both by students but also by the teachers themselves back and forth between themselves (and of course to their students too). It's not double the amount of questioning going on, but rather an exponential increase in the possibility for questions to arise when a few T2® techniques are applied too.


The classroom setting is fundamentally different in a two teacher setting compared to a one teacher setting.


A Taja T2® dual teacher paradigm enriches the teaching environment and consequently the learning environment too.

It's a fast paced ride into the 21st century of teaching but it's not the only course. Taja T3® is coming quicker than you would imagine. Artificial intelligence and robotics are going to take over our classrooms, and in our Taja opinion, do so wonderfully well.



Teaching is Coaching.

It's about time we as teachers take up our responsibilities.

You have got to be able to get the attention of your students.

It's easier to do that when you are T2'ing.


When you have two teachers trained in TAJA T2® the classroom size can be as large as 60-90-120 students, or perhaps even more, perhaps 150. We've tested the system with 90 pupils in one classroom.

Watch any classroom of 90 pupils in one classroom being taught by two T2® trained teachers and you will find the teaching experience and the learning experience to be multiple times better than three classrooms of 30-30-30 students per classroom with three individual teachers in each classroom. Multiple times. Two TAJA T2® trained teachers together are far better than one teacher alone stranded in the abyss of the one classroom-one teacher paradigm.

YES, substantially much better.






See the video section of this website for pithy instructions embedded within videos of how T2® unfolds over the course of a two hour university class. T2® achieves these uncontrived spontaneous burst of kinetic, and intellectual energy by teachers and students ... and therefore it IS very very valuable, and very very powerful for every classroom based teacher.

No matter how good our intentions as administrators or teachers have been, the one classroom-one teacher paradigm has been a dual whammy that's taken a heavy toll of the quality of education, worldwide.

It has bloated school budgets. And it has degraded the quality of education, too.


On a long enough timeline the survival rate for every system drops to zero ...

The presently used teaching system/paradigm, the one classroom-one teacher paradigm is 150 years old- it's a dinosaur- it's obese, inefficient and non productive... it's time to retire it and replace it with a newer more dynamic teaching/ learning system for the benefit of all.

Continuing to just reform it with evolutionary and incremental improvements (aka more technology in the classroom for example) just isn't enough! We need a complete paradigm shift.


对于刺激教师与学生的互动在此视频中看TAJA TT®二师一室教育模式的明显作用。


The one teacher-one classroom paradigm drains the classroom.

It doesn't enrich it. It drains it. It drains teachers of their capital.

It is a teaching paradigm which actually impedes teachers and teaching in today's modern world.


"You have power already, let Taja help you develop it."


Drill down...learn more: Teachers profit from T2, HOW?
Drill down...learn more: Students profit from T2, HOW?


"As a teacher in a university classroom I feel the teaching paradigm itself should be providing the entertainment so that I the teacher can focus on my job- on teaching, and on leaving imprints on my students minds. A Taja T2® two teacher in one classroom paradigm does that for me the teacher. Thank you Taja!"




A total paradigm shift!

Classroom size doesn't really matter.

It never really did. That isn't the imperative for better teachers. Better learning.

It was the wrong strategy to focus on from the beginning.

As teachers, we lost many decades!

We need to start recovering them NOW!

It was a policy mistake.