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   Taja T2® enlivens the classroom with a new dynamic that one teacher alone cannot achieve...



TAJA T2® not just challenges the status quo,
but offers a sensible viable practical alternative...
Pedagogically, logistically, structurally, and financially.

We shall discuss these four points in this page.

This is a very long page... please take your time with it.


Our vision is about universities and schools of higher education reinventing themselves.

Classroom after classroom. Teacher by teacher. School after school. Step by step. At their convenience and pace.

We're proposing innovation. Profitable innovation.
21st century innovation long overdo.

Students profit pedagogically.
Teachers profit professionally.
Schools profit financially, and name wise too.




In summary, we're proposing an upgrade and renaissance of the teaching profession through structural change.

A merging of classes/classrooms is fundamental to our T2® two teacher/dual teacher approach.

It provides a raison d'être for the two teacher approach... A financial justification beyond just the pedagogic reasons to adopt a two teacher system. Learn more below about the MONETARY BENEFITS.

It's time schools everywhere make the move into a T2® teaching paradigm!
T2® makes sense, dollars and cents.




TAJA TT® T2® ditches the prevailing paradigm which has prevailed for over 150 years.

We totally flip the paradigm, and the system of teaching, from one dimensional to two dimensional.

From static to dynamic.

From linear to cyclonic.

Immediately. On the spot. No delays.

Watch the T2® videos available to see this happen.


The source of the problem in our educational systems today is the teaching system itself, the teaching paradigm, the one classroom-one teacher paradigm.

It's obsolete. It impedes teachers. It impedes students. It impedes learning.

The problem in our educational systems isn't a question of more or less technology in the classroom, smaller classroom size, cooperative or theme learning, curriculums, nor funding. The problem is the teachers themselves. They are held hostage to the one classroom-one teacher paradigm.



If a teacher desires to be much more productive, captivating, inspiring and engaging in the classroom TAJA T2® can do that for them. And do it easily. Without much effort on their part.

A one-teacher-in-one-classroom approach makes for a static experience.

A one-teacher-in-one-classroom does not make in most cases for a dynamic learning environment.

In today's world if there is a dynamic learning environment present it's primarily due to the individual PERSONAL qualities of a specific teacher.

It's not a STRUCTURAL CAUSE but rather dependent on a specific teachers personality.

This is wrong. This is part of the problem why education has been in the doldrums for so long.



Taja T1® aims to help individual teachers in a one teacher-one classroom environment overcome this structural deficiency.

Taja TT® T2® actually makes it happen, swiftly, without much effort.


Wrap your head around this one and you'll understand why it is time for Taja T2® ... our children today are fundamentally different than children of a hundred years ago or even twenty years ago. Click to review the data.

We also find that every industry that impacts our students lives has seen not just one but usually a few major paradigm shifts in the past 100 years- be it transportation, information technology, banking, finance, data management, engineering, manufacturing, entertainment, fashion, food processing and agriculture, medicine and health, etcetera, etcetera.

Yet in education Zip, Nada.

We've been numbed down.

Comfortably numbed down.

Not one full paradigm shift in over 150 years!


Is that acceptable to you?

Is that the future you bequeath to your children?

Is that how we educate and train students who have to meet 21st century challenges?

Is that the best we can do?


We are still using the same educational paradigm that my great great grandfather was subjected to when he was a student. And your great great granddaddy too.



It's hard week after week for comfortably numb teachers to get applauded at the end of every class or lecture in a one teacher-one classroom paradigm.

In fact, most teachers never get applauded in a whole term, a whole semester.

Year after year, NEVER ever.

But it doesn't have to be like that.


The one classroom-one teacher paradigm is the structural cause of this.

When you unlock the teachers, you unlock the students.

TAJA T2® does that.





Taja® wants to help teachers/schools put the emphasis back on the teachings, the curriculum and the content by freeing the teachers from worrying about attendance, discipline and self motivation of the student. By freeing the teacher from entertaining students and by freeing the student from an oxygenless boring stale classroom.


With a T2® paradigm that type of amazing learning environment automatically happens.

When we're using the TAJA T2® teaching paradigm, as teachers, over 65% of our classes end in applauses! Over sixty five percent!

We as teachers walk out of the classroom feeling a ton of satisfaction, personal growth and professional growth. Week after week. Term after term.

Try that on as a teacher, see how you feel!

And what the ramifications are for burnout, turnover and declining teacher and student moral.



A medium quality to bad teacher in a one-teacher-in-one-classroom model produces a low-energy learning environment and restricted classroom space. 

In a low-energy learning environment the majority of the students have already "tuned-out" within the first 10 minutes!

And unfortunately, today's so called "modern teacher" aren't so modern... they have no skill sets, methods nor techniques to reengage their students again, and again and again.

We have seen that when you change the paradigm from a one teacher-in-one classroom paradigm to a two teachers-in-a-one classroom paradigm the paradox is addressed.

A dual teacher paradigm gets the job done better than a one teacher alone paradigm ever did.

And two teachers cost less than three teachers. Three independent teachers in three different classrooms do the job far inferior to two in one bigger merged classroom.


In the one teacher in one classroom paradigm there is no room for BURSTS of content, BURSTS of energy, BURSTS of spontaneity because in a one-teacher paradigm if BURSTS take place the teacher in the one teacher-one classroom paradigm ends up immediately within seconds losing control of the classroom.

Furthermore they also lose the "integrity, totality and the continuity" of the lesson being taught.

With two teachers trained in T2®, that doesn't happen!



In T2® the issue of "integrity, totality and continuity" also loses it's value to a large extent offering the teachers much more flexibility in the classroom.

The classroom and class curriculum can and is flipped tens of times, in any direction during a two hour class, spontaneously, in an instant, when two teachers are trained in T2®. That can't be done as effectively by one teacher alone in one classroom. They don't have that flexibility programmed into that paradigm.


In addition, with T2® teachers spend considerably less time having to prepare for class.

They are afforded a luxury they never had before, they can 'wing it' spontaneously because there are two of them in the classroom, instead of just one!

In fact T2® demands this spontaneity and because of it creativity is generated. Such creativity and freshness a one teacher alone in the classroom rarely ever consistently generates nor experiences class after class, week after week.

In short with T2® teachers experience savings in their HUMAN CAPITAL expenditures.

And those savings swiftly turn into Abundance.



Please note, our work is based on empirical observations within a theoretical framework.
Please bear with us, this page and the next page is quite long, and dense.
We have a lot to say. We want to connect all the dots for you in one go.

The last page, page four, is very short and it ends with links to sections in this website (including videos
of this system dissected in a Chinese university classroom and interviews with students about it)
which you can explore at your own convenience and timing.
We apologize again for the length of this page and the next.


We're aware of the paradox of expertise...Are you?
We hope you will be when reading our work below!
Michael Michalko gives us this telling example to reflect on-

"I have always been intrigued by the paradox of expertise. It seems that the more expert one becomes in an area of specialization, the less creative and innovative that person becomes. The paradox is that people who know more, see less; and the people who know less, see more. Apple Computer Inc. founder, Steve Jobs, attempted, without success, to get Atari and Hewlett-Packard interested in his and Steve Wozniak's personal computer. As Steve recounts, "So we went to Atari and said, 'Hey, we've got this amazing thing, even built with some of your parts, and what do you think about funding us? Or we'll give it to you. We just want to do it. Pay our salary; well come work for you.' And their experts laughed and said, 'No.' So then we went to Hewlett-Packard, and they said,  'Hey, we don't need you. You haven't got through college yet."  What is it that freezes the expert's thought and makes it difficult to consider new things that deviate from their theories?" Source

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