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TAJA T2® is a paradigm with a methodology.


TT® is simple, and powerful.



"The American President Franklin D. Roosevelt ushered in a era of hope and progress when he proposed
the New Deal, and at the time his reforms were considered radical but he once said 'this country demands bold
persistent experimentation; it is common sense to take a method and try it.

And if it fails, admit it frankly and try another.
But above all, try something.'"

With TAJA T2® the paradigm is simple and clear.
Two do the job much better than one. Two costs less than three.

T2® is not just interesting BUT also valuable because it is based on love.

The other paradigm, one teacher-one classroom isn't based on any values. T2® on the other hand is.

In today's fast paced, complicated, aggressive, violent, challenging, selfish, competitive, polluted, toxic world more than ever before our students need love, BasicHumanLove™. Many are not finding basic human love at home, in their social circles, or from society at large. Taja TT® addresses this issue too.

BHL™, BasicHumanLove, is the philosophical ground upon which TT® is built and functions because without it or in its absence it would be hard for two teachers to overcome their resistance of "sharing" the classroom. When the teaching system and paradigm is grounded in love, it permeates in and throughout the classroom too. Everyone wins. Teachers, students, school and society at large.


What is the biggest headwind which T2® faces?

While caution and risk aversion play a role in any administrator's equation the biggest headwind in our opinion is of course, EGO... Administrators and teachers who wish to prevent innovation that they sadly mistakenly perceive as personally threatening to them. Many many teachers (and school administrators) are at best average or mediocre teachers. Although their basic intention for becoming a teacher was pure- i.e., to improve the world by participating in the education of future generations- truth is that isn't their only motivation. Many see their classroom as a fiefdom where they are the lord, the king or queen, the supreme leader, no questions asked. That kind of power they have never enjoyed before and they don't want to lose it. Many lack ambition, and have no desire to rock the boat and would prefer just to continue with the way things are; that's why many have avoided employment in the private sector or have no interest in starting-up their own business and being self employed there. A teaching job, the teaching profession, affords them the capacity to have social status, a decent income, job security, a pension, and a sense of power over many others (i.e., their students). And to a large degree freedom too in their classrooms. The two month paid summer holiday isn't bad either! When you tell them another teacher from now on will be in the classroom with them, and they will become a team, well, that is for many a self inflicted death sentence which they have no interest in participating in. Therefore school administrators have a responsibility to make sure teachers are thoroughly trained in a dual teacher approach before implementing it, trained in T2®. If trained, teachers will be on board and supportive rather than silent, non responsive, negative or resistant to a dual teacher paradigm. They will see for themselves how beautiful, how wonderful, how powerful and how much more productive they and their students can instantly become. They will see for themselves that T2® brings a renaissance to the teaching profession which they personally and professionally profit from. TT® isn't a threat to anyone. T2® is a boon for everyone- teachers, students and school too. The second biggest headwind is of course if a university is foremost just a business and not primarily a place of creative independent critical thinking and learning, then that too is a headwind. T2® would be seen as a disturbing factor to the complacency of the system, bureaucrats or those caught up in an ideological morass.