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As teachers and administrators there is a basic question which we need to ask ourselves and answer... Are we honestly committed to better education in our schools, or not?

If your answer is yes, then Taja T2® is a profound step in that direction. Implementable immediately in every school.

Find below our Taja commitment and innovations for reform in education.
The place to obviously start is with ourselves, the teachers.


T1® is a mobile streaming course to help a teacher who is stuck in the abyss of a one classroom-one teacher teaching paradigm. T1® helps a teacher navigate the classroom more effectively by upgrading their teaching capital, classroom communication/ management skills, and student engagement techniques. Irresistibly priced. For immediate download. The focus of T1® is on methods and techniques. T1® is composed of ten lessons for teachers, STREAMING on mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop. Available in Chinese or English. Stream the first lesson today, FREE. Test drive the first Taja T1® lesson -Space- right NOW. Helping the individual teacher by improving tactics in the classroom- that's what T1® is all about.


Taja T2® is a fundemantal shift for the teaching profession. T2® is a two teachers in one classroom teaching paradgim. It gives every teacher advantages in the classroom never experienced before. Major advantages. Major benefits. Teachers profit. Schools profit. Students profit. T2® is a global education initiative targeting schools of higher education, colleges, and universities but it is also applicable to any type of school. Financially, T2® CAN save a school a boatload of money. Pedagogically, Taja T2® creates better teachers and better students, almost instantly. With T2® you the teacher can fundamentally change the playing field in your classrooms, class after class, term after term. You, your students and your school all profit. 


Robotic teachers are our near distant future. We say "near distant" because today's technology just isn't yet up to par to implement T3® in the classroom. Robots still lack the human facial / emotional responses necessary for a classroom environment. But in 8 to 10 years from now we foresee no difficulty. T3® is based on AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics in the classroom. Taja T3® is our vision of how robotic teachers will practically and successfully integrate into schools worldwide no later than 2040. They're a natural fit for a new paradigm shift in education, once again.

"Unlocking Teachers"

"Unlocking Students"

Innovation in education

"The implications of what we found are far-reaching. Hidden under the apparent chaos, uneasiness and messiness of the classroom is an underlying precision to the size and shapes of synapses that was hidden from us."




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