Because as a teacher, you'll profit.


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Wherever you are in the world, whatever quality of teacher you are, Taja T1® is going to swiftly improve you, and make you a better teacher. If we really want to change the quality of education... the place to obviously start is with ourselves, the teachers!


  • Taja T1® is a derivative of our Taja T2® teaching paradigm targeting schools. Taja T2® fundamentally transforms the classroom. Taja T1® fundamentally improves you a teacher in a one classroom environment.
  • We've extrapolated a few techniques we use in Taja T2® so that you the individual teacher stuck in the abyss of a one classroom-one teacher system can already benefit from our discoveries even though your school hasn't yet adopted our dual teacher-one classroom Taja T2® system for any of its classrooms.

    Taja T1® gives you the 21st century teacher new 21st century teaching skills.

    Taja T1® is as close as you'll ever get to Taja T2® without your school licensing T2®.

    T1® won't transform you, the classroom or the learning experience but it definitely will swiftly improve you as a teacher giving you much more power, insights and options to manage your 21st century students.



TAJA T1® is returning the craft back.

 to the classroom.
o the teacher.

   "We disagree that more technology in the classroom is the answer to better education."


What is Taja T1®?

  • T1® is a teachers self-help course, immediately upgrading your teaching skills. Original content. Irresistibly priced. Redefining teaching by redefining the teacher.
  • Taja T1® is a 21st century mindset that can be adopted by any teacher, anywhere.
  • Find in T1® a collection of new methods, approaches and techniques to help the individual teacher stuck in a one teacher-one classroom environment.
  • Taja T1® is a streaming online mobile course... Taja T1® is a compact sweet course for teachers, worldwide. It consists of 10 different lessons upgrading teacher skills. Each lesson includes 3 new teaching focuses and techniques, plus three examples and three case studies which backs it all up.

These are the ten T1
® lessons for
21st century teachers in higher education

As a teacher, when you walk into your classrooms are any of these items your reference points today?

 All of them should be!

They are for me when I walk into my classrooms.
I profit, my students profit, and my school profits.
Why aren't they for you?
If you are presently just focusing on the curriculum and the content
to be transmitted, and that's all, as a teacher you're a lame duck teacher.
Improve yourself ... upgrade your teaching skills today with Taja T1®.


  • Strong personalized support is provided both through Wechat and at our online Taja TT® Teachers forum, both in Chinese and/or English. 


TAJA T1® is devoted to fundamentally helping the individual teacher stuck in a one teacher-one classroom environment/ teaching paradigm.


Watch and learn how Taja T1® can enrich you as a teacher stuck in a one teacher-one classroom environment.

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Now peek under the hood of T1® lesson #1 called "Space."


Experience the value of T1®.
Take a
FREE test drive of Taja T1®.


Jump right now into some new teacher techniques which you as a classroom teacher can immediately add to your existing repertoire of skills.

FREE prior to even buying!


"Techniques to make you stand out as a teacher."

If you want to be a good, very good or great teacher you gotta earn it.

Taja T1® helps you become a better teacher than you ever thought you could be.

The "earning curve" is thus shortened for you.

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Ask Alan about any special needs you might have.
Ask questions in English or Chinese language.


You are already maybe an effective teacher, here's something different to make you standout.



Taja T1® ... Helping teachers help themselves.

TAJA T1® is a mobile-streaming teacher training course, in English or Chinese, that offers new teaching techniques for teachers in the global community which can inspire and empower students.


TAJA T1® is targeting teachers, individual teachers stuck in a one teacher-one classroom setting/system/paradigm/environment.   


The one classroom-one teacher paradigm/system/environment impedes teachers. It's a dinosaur. It doesn't relate to any...

  • Spaciousness or abundance. It's so 19th century. So stifling. So boring. It's a static teaching environment rather than delivering a dynamic experience of spontaneous bursts in the classroom. It wasn't designed for a 21st century mindset. Our 21st century pupils, their mindset (due to social networking, the internet, video games, smartphones, etc.) is built around external sensory data, bursts of movement, pings of energy, turning off, turning on, and turning off again. And then turning on again. The one classroom one teacher environment cannot address any of this. It's so boring.

  • It constrains teachers rather than liberating their human potential and capital. Capital is defined as time, knowledge, wisdom, skillfulness in the curriculum being taught, general teaching skills and life experiences. Every teacher has a wealth of human capital. But the one teacher one classroom paradigm/system/environment makes it hard for them to bring it out, and share it with their students. Consequently, they don't inspire, captivate nor empower their pupils.

  • It lacks touch and energetics. Consequently, it separates teacher from students.

  • Spontaneity gets murdered. Teachers lack room to maneuver and improvise, to create and innovate spontaneously while the lesson is going on in the classroom. When that's not happening you're not "touching" your students.


T1® is designed to give you the classroom teacher what teaching colleges haven't given us in the past and aren't giving you these days.... 21st century teaching skills and techniques that your 21st century students can swiftly and easily relate to.

No ideology. No dogma. Innovation in education. Original content. Flexibility. In the field feedback. Group support by other teachers at our online Taja Teacher Training forum... Irresistibly priced.


21st century teaching approaches for 21st century students by 21st century teachers who aren't afraid to take up a 21st century mindset.

If we really want to change the quality of education... the place to obviously start is with ourselves, the teachers.

This is actually common sense.





这里有10个教师可以学习的课程,这些课程包 括30种不同的教学诀窍!




No new curriculums required, no new investments in technology for the classroom, no smaller sized classrooms, no new furniture arrangements, no new teachers,  and no new Master degree's or PhD's walking around feeling lost and abandoned, etc., etc.. No new bills whatsoever. No new investments whatsoever. And no new paradigm changes.

NO NEW NOTHING but you'll find
your teaching skills and classrooms will



Right now we are taking pre-orders for the first five T1® lessons for for delivery from May 21, 2016.

If you don't know about these advanced these teaching techniques and methods, how can you use them? Employ them? Or profit from them?

You can't.

In other words you're being less of a teacher
than you could actually be.

The second five T1® lessons (lessons #6 to 10) will be offered on a preferential basis first to existing customers commencing from August 1, 2016. The general public can then purchase from September 21, 2016 onwards.


"In China especially, but actually all around the globe, teachers get trained in teaching colleges and they then don't think that they need more training since they are the ones giving training/ teaching others. Once they are out the gate they are usually on their own, for a lifetime."

This is a mistaken approach which most teachers take, most, without much choice. They don't know how or where to find an upgrade of their teaching skills. Taja TT® fills this void.

In every profession it's the upgrading of your skills which gives you the competitive advantages and which makes a difference on the ground, in the field. Teaching is no different!

No matter how long you have been teaching, or where or which country, your skills definitely can be improved.

Here with Taja T1® is a chance for any teacher, inside or outside of China, to swiftly upgrade and reboot their teaching skills to meet the 21st century student.



Taja®假设教师你们已经完全掌握了今年所 要教授的教学课程和大纲。因此,剩下来是让你们成为比你们想象的更好的教师。欢迎您来到TAJA TT®. 

你已经很厉害,和TAJA增加你的厉害. 让你从教师们脱颖而出的技巧

TAJA TT®. Where teaching and BasicHumanLove© meet.
Taja® assumes you already have your curriculum down, a syllabus to follow, and complete mastery of what you intend to teach this year. Therefore, what's left is to make you a better teacher than you thought you could be. Welcome to TAJA TT®.



Before buying... Peek under the hood of the first T1® lesson - Space- before buying anything.




You are who you are... we're not trying to change you, but rather we're trying to help you upgrade and innovate in order to become a better teacher.

You are who you are... that's what we have to work with. Lets be honest with ourselves. But you can change who you are going to be.

Buy the first five lessons in Taja T1® today. Give the fifteen different techniques (5 lesson, each lesson contains 3 new teaching techniques particular to that lesson) a try. See what happens to your classrooms. Go into your classroom and start practicing Taja T1® today.

Taja TT®. Teacher Training. Helping teachers help themselves!


Why to buy T1®?

We're talking teaching skills here... teacher skills that no online teacher can employ.

We're talking skills that will give you an advantage in the marketplace and keep you ahead in your classrooms.

We're talking teacher skills that your teachers never had, and never heard off.

We're talking about enriching the teacher, and the teaching experience. Unlocking the teachers. Unlocking the students. We're talking the future, not the past.

We're talking competitive advantages...

Practical skills which give you the 21st century teacher an advantage in the field, in the classroom; skills which even the most modern 20th century classroom teachers lack. Skills which your teachers probably never heard of.

When skills are and livelihood are in danger.

You acquiring these Taja T1® classroom/teaching/teacher skills gives you an advantage in the marketplace which worldwide is becoming more and more competitive.

A 21st century teaching advantage.





Learn more below. Preorder today.

For a limited time only all PRE-ORDERS enjoy
® ONLINE teachers forum.



Irresistibly priced!
Only 10 Yuan per lesson!



We've priced T1® right.

 Don't worry, you can afford this and you'll profit from this.

In Chinese: 10 Yuan per online mobile lesson.
In English: 3 US$ per online mobile lesson.

Discount package available below.
Ten lessons in al
l, five in your first term/semester.
Five more
for your second term.



Purchase all ten lessons in one DISCOUNTED online package.

Mobile WECHAT payment accepted. TAOBOA payment accepted.

Ten streaming lesson for less than 100 Yuan.
Save 15 Yuan today! All ten lessons for 85 Yuan only
PLUS free 30 day access to the Taja TT ONLINE teachers forum.

This online pre-order professional package lets you take advantage of our Taja TT® (Teacher Training) online training forum accessible online in any format (desktop, notebook, tablet or mobile) from anywhere around the globe.

30 days free. Monthly subscription thereafter. Five yuan per month.


In English or Chinese.

 Free training. Virtuous feedback. Substantial progress.

More skillfulness in teaching in a classroom.





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From mobile, tablet, desktop or notebook.

In English or in Chinese language.
You choose.

Buy one course at a time...or all ten courses
in today's promotional discount.

T1® by nature is full of choices.





T1® is a series of online mobile phone courses/lessons designed to improve the individual teacher in a one classroom setting.

Our online T1® streaming course called- Enhanced teaching techniques for teachers caught up in a one teacher/one classroom spaceless paradigm- can be used by any type of teacher. T1® provides not just new techniques, skills and skill sets but a rational behind every step the individual teacher takes.

T1® banks on the innovative work we have done in developing the Taja T2® teaching paradigm, a two teachers/one classroom teaching model.

Click and learn more about T1®.
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