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When you are ready to talk to Alan about T2® please contact Alan by email.

Alan is a co-founder of T2® with Joy. Both Alan and Joy look forward to your inquiries.


Remember, two basic questions are addressed in the T2® paradigm:


TAJA T2® addresses a fundamental question in higher education...

"How to make the education experience better for the teacher AND the student." 

This is a pedagogic problem.

A profound pedagogic problem which needs to be addressed and which we as university teachers encounter daily, and grapple with daily.


The second major question addressed by T2® is a financial one... university financials.

How to fundamentally improve a school's financial balance sheet in a sustainable way?

This question demands answers too if we are to see T2® implemented on a whole scale basis in higher education establishments, not just in China but throughout the world in the coming decades. T2® provides the answer and the solution effectively.
















Technology in the classroom?

Here's what we think...

"The teacher and the classroom have been robbed of all the conditions for true creativity, true personal development and independent thinking... and the focus on technology is just the newest addition to this pattern of robbing and destroying the vitality and value of the classroom."

----- Alan. W Abrams.  TAJA, 2015.





TAJA T2® PROVIDES a practical answer to the above two questions.

No new investments of any kind neither by teacher, student or school. Absolutely none.

No new teachers. No new administrators. No new classrooms. No new buildings. No new books. No new curriculums. No new computer technology or any new information technology required...

Just pay us our licensing and training fee. That's the deal.



由于 TAJA T2 ® 是一种教学法,它与教师的个性无关,与他们是否有或没有多年的教学经验也无关,与他们对课程知识点的掌握程度,与他们在课堂上使用的语言 (英语、 中文、 泰国、 日本、 法国、 俄罗斯、 西班牙等)或国籍,与他们信仰的体系或教学偏好,统统都无关。 如果你喜欢你信仰的体系和教学偏好,你也可以继续保留它们。



它也与课程种类无关。它可以是数学、 化学、 人文科学、 科学、 英语或一门外语或是一门专业的教育----医疗、 法律、 会计、 经济学、 工程学、 城市规划、 环境技术和规划、 政治科学、 市场营销、 或是艺术类目----舞蹈、 音乐、 艺术、 戏剧表演、 绘画、 文学等等等等。


但是如果有适当的训练和培养,它会有突出的效果。我们想在"Taja TT® 二师一室"教育项目中培训您的教师。所以,您的教师,学生和学校都会得到受益。


We're suggesting an innovative and new turbo charged teaching paradigm.

This NEW APPROACH to teaching has been conceptualized, created and developed here in CHINA.

We want your school to license from us our TAJA T2® system, and to implement it as a paradigm.

Tried, tested, proven.


我们要讲明“两个老师在一个教室里”的样子。我们不是说是两个老师在面对面辩论或者两个老师一起占在展台上 也不是一个老师在教室里评价另一个老师。


反而我们说是两个老师一起as a team上课,有时一个老师打断一个老师,有时一个只是观察和支持另 一个老师,或者有时老师们互相不理对方,有时互相注意对方。重点是两个老师是一起自发地“跳舞”的,在教室的空间中随 心动来动去,互相自发地交往而把教室变成活跃的展台。  通过TAJA TT® 培训这个“跳舞”自然地就发生。不需要特殊能力。连最无聊的人能做到。通过TAJA TT®培训两个老师一起上课就像在公园里 走走。

When we say two teachers in the same classroom we don't mean two teachers facing off and debating, or two teachers standing behind a podium one next to another, or two teachers where one is spying on, or evaluating the other. But rather we mean two teachers teaching together at the same time as a team- sometimes interrupting each other, sometimes not, sometimes watching and just supporting each other, sometimes not, sometimes ignoring each other, sometimes not- but they are dancing together, interacting together, moving around together in the classroom and interacting with the WHOLE classroom as their stage.


It doesn't matter what the curriculum is be it math, chemistry, the humanities, the sciences, English or a foreign language or a professional education- medicine, law, accounting, economics, engineering, urban planning, environmental technologies and planning, political science, marketing, or the arts- dance, music, art, drama, acting, painting, literature, etc., etc..


With TT® TRAINING this dance unfolds naturally. No special social skills are required.
Even the most boring person can do it. It's like taking a walk in the park when trained in it.


If you are Chinese, and your school is in China, proceed with the below.


我们要讲明“两个老师在一个教室里”的样子。我们不是 说是两个老师在面对面辩论或者两个老师一起占在展台上也不是一个老师在教室里评价另一个老师。





使用“TAJA TT教育·培训”大学会省很多钱 。


TAJA TT®(老师培训)是个又新的又使人激动的教育模式


When you unlock the teacher, you unlock the student™.
And everyone PROFITS.
Teachers, students, schools, and society are enriched.

             Confucious quote. Confucius saying. Teaching aids.


We're convinced that academia in China is going to look a whole lot different in the future than it has in the past...

Despite China's and India's favorable economic performance over the last two decades they still need to tackle major economic development challenges related to education.

"These days, China has more universities and modern campuses, but few are encouraging innovation and cultivating talents." This issue is a systematic pedagogic one.

We're convinced this conundrum is going to have to be addressed in Chinese universities this coming decade if China is to sustain its newfound place on the world stage.

Private think tanks and the stewards of the public and private sectors are already calling for this. The Ministry of Education will concur and follow. 

Like Japan did in the 1960's China too will move from a "copy-cat" economy into an "innovation economy" based on a productive innovative thinking talented workforce. The manufacturing sector, the financial sector, the export sector and the consumption driven domestic economy will demand this.

It will become the job of the higher education establishments in China to deliver thinking, innovative and creative minded students for employment in all sectors of the economy. This demand is already appearing and it will become formal policy during the coming decade in Chinese universities. This demand is apparent in higher education establishments throughout the world, and China will be no different. It's a transition that Chinese universities will have no choice but to engage in and embrace, or be left behind.

Taja T2® addresses critical, innovative and creative thinking in a very new exciting way both for teachers and students, and makes substantial inroads into making it happen, making it unfold, in a university classroom. T2® makes this happen because T2® is in itself creative and innovative. Creativity fosters creativity. Creativity naturally breeds creativity. That is it's nature just as copying, pirating and memorizing information breeds more copying, pirating and memorizing but not learning, not critical thinking, imagination, nor creativity. Learn more below.

The "free" ride is over for higher education Chinese "brick-and-mortar" schools.

We're also convinced that universities in China will experience an enrollment crisis over the coming decade that most have no previous experience in managing. An enrollment crisis which will translate into a financial crisis for many schools. The four main reasons "why?" which we have identified are outlined here.

In Shanghai for example we're already witnessing this... "the number of Shanghai high school students applying to take the college entrance exam continued to slide this year, a top education official said. In 2006, 113,600 sat for the test, but this year (2015) the total will be just 52,000, said Lu Jing, deputy director of the Shanghai Education Commission." Source.

Reality must be acknowledged. Schools throughout China will have no choice but to start a process of changing how they operate, consequently finding themselves in an ongoing process of reinventing themselves.

Those schools who have identified tomorrows problems yesterday, and address them now, will find themselves with an advantage on the playing field in the coming years. The financial risk of not doing so NOW could be catastrophic in the coming years. Taja TT® addresses and solves this financial cauldron in an innovative, cost efficient, and effective way.

Ultimately it's more than just the buildings that make your school, or the campus, or the library or the IT infrastructure. Nor is a school about the cafeterias, the number of basketball, badminton or tennis courts. Nor is it just about the number of diploma's issued or the number of students who meet a grade target criteria set by a government or provincial ministry.

A school is also a business, not just a place of learning.

From a business perspective it's about revenue- the number of paying students (supplemented with state funding) and about fixed expenses- the number of teachers and administrators... and a school's academic excellence and reputation. All quantifiable by the quality of teaching and the quality of the learning experience itself.

Our whole company is founded on the principle that there is something very different that happens when there are two teachers acting out the teaching role in one classroom... what we're trying to do is remove the barriers between teacher and students, and within the teacher himself. This is not just a vision, this is a practical proven solution to the abyss higher education finds itself in the early 21st century.

TAJA T2® is about your school addressing your long term financial stability while improving your academic reputation by turbo charging the learning/teaching experience and the classroom environment itself. We're talking quality education, about upgrading the learning environment and the teaching paradigm at the same time, simultaneously at no new investment cost to you. Absolutely none.


TAJA T2® is a teaching system and an educational paradigm easily adoptable by any school at very little cost.

TAJA TT® is educational innovation.


Is your school ready for innovation?

Does your school have a vision of the future?

If not, move aside because other schools do.

And we're going to help them achieve their vision.


If you don't engage and embrace innovation you and your students will be left behind as competitive schools march forward BOTH in China and around the world.




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From China with love.