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TAJA TT®. Teacher Training.
"Making better ROBOTIC teachers!"

On a long enough timeline the survival rate for every system drops to zero.

The same hold true for teachers in a classroom.

The reason we call this TAJA paradigm Taja T3® is because a Taja robotic teacher is like having not one teacher
in the classroom, not two teachers in the classroom, but rather like having three and more!

当你知道T2®的动机和T2®在教室里的成就时,你就会清楚因为人工智能(人工智能 加机器人学)人类老师在教室里上课的模式最后总会被废弃。

Ready or not, the robots are coming. There will be cars driving themselves, with no steering wheel for us to grab. Delivery drones will maneuver around patio furniture and vegetable gardens to drop packages in backyards. Delivery carts on sidewalks will hum along, bringing pizza boxes to our front doors. Robotic teachers are coming too!

What might a robotic teacher look like?

Here's a good starting point... 

Pretty and hot too, no?


Welcome to the Taja #rt-t3® robotic teacher

A 21st century robotic teacher is about to be unveiled... #rt-t3® grew out of our TAJA T2® teaching paradigm.

Once you realize what drives T2® and what Taja T2® achieves in the classroom it becomes clear that with AI (artificial intelligence coupled with robotics) the teacher in the classroom will ultimately become obsolete. Robots will end up doing most everything that T2® does and achieves, and will ultimately do it even better. The only thing robots won't be able to do, that which Taja T2® does exceptionally well, is to provide basic human love in the classroom, and school.

If we're correct and Taja T2® is the immediate future of bricks-and-mortar education, then Taja T3® is its grandson, granddaughter, and it is a completely new paradigm for teaching just as Taja T2® is.

T3® encompasses our work on a new AI teaching paradigm.


It is our wish to see rt-t3 robots replacing classroom teachers, in our opinion no later than 2035.


In the first stage, first generation prototype, we envision rt-t3 complimenting the teacher performing a number of valuable functions derived from our T2® two teacher teaching paradigm.

"Working with robots enhances creative problem solving techniques. Based on results seen in Italian high schools, Paolo Fiorini suggests that when robots are used as educational tools “students stop being passive targets of teaching methods and become active learning subjects, showing initiative, independence, and a drastic reduction in their learning time”. When robots are used in the classroom, students usually work in small groups of 2 to 4 students per robot. This encourages the development of basic communication and inter-personal skills. The ability to collaborate and convey complex ideas to a fellow students or colleagues is an important skill that is seen as essential by modern employers." Source.

If you reviewed the results we have observed from our TAJA T2® DUAL TEACHER teaching paradigm, they are uncanningly similar to the above observations. Wouldn't you say so?



Ultimately, with the progression of technology and programming possibilities, rt-t3 should be able to function as a stand alone teacher in the classroom.

When that day arrives, human teachers will start to become obsolete in the classroom but still, there will be a need for them. Human beings need love, human beings need warmth and human beings need caring for.

HUMANS NEED TO BE TOUCHED- PHYSICALLY. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This is in our DNA.


Therefore, SINCE the student are still human beings and not robots themselves, teachers in the school will fulfill human functions- empathy, love, touch and warmth for example.

This is basically how we generally perceive robotics being successfully integrated in the classroom and schools to the benefit of all in the coming decades.


Robotic teachers will serve many functions, not just serve pedagogic functions alone, they also will serve utilitarian purposes for example too.

For example, heating the classroom, or dehumidifying the classroom, or purifying the air in the classroom. Or even perhaps cooling the classroom instead of having air conditioners.

There is no reason a robotic teacher cannot do all this too, and more.

Energy saving functions like turning on the lights and turning off all the lights in the classroom at the end of a lesson.

Or notifying in real time administrators of breakdowns in the classroom... seats that are broken, screens which don't work properly, light bulbs that are burnt out, etc., etc.. Thereby leading to efficiencies in managing the physical structures which are lacking today in our schools.

Checking attendance in the classroom will take seconds, rather than minutes as it does right now. The robot will scan the room and immediately have a list of who is absent and who is present. In seconds at most. And that data will be transmitted online to school administrators, (and perhaps parents too via an app) in real time too.

And of course pedagogic functions too... tapping into the internet in real time for videos, information, data, etc.., all projected onto a hologram which the robot creates, multiple projectable holograms. Multi tasking at its finest, or onto a physical board in the classroom... whiteboards will be placed on all four walls of the classroom rather than just in the front of the classroom as they are now in 2015... students, like in the Taja 2® teaching paradigm will have a dynamic, exciting environment, one of choice... where to look, where to engage, what to ask and question about, and demand more of... and the robotic teacher will be well placed to fulfill this pedagogic function. That being to deliver huge amounts of information, bursts of information and stimulation and content in a variety of formats to teach the curriculum. It's all going to be quite exciting to say the least!



How this process of robotic teachers will be introduced and how it will unfold in the classroom is a two staged process in or opinion... probably in the first years of robotic teachers there will be a robot and a human teacher in the classroom at the same time with the robot complimenting the teacher in information access and delivery based on the curriculum being taught in the classroom and the questioning going on in the classroom. The human teacher will tap into the IT functions of the robot. But ultimately, software and hardware will progress to a point where the human teacher becomes obsolete.

And instead there will be HUMAN WARMTH AREA'S, safe areas, rooms scattered in every school, where students can talk and be touched by human teachers performing a counseling function. Touching their students with human WARMTH and with BasicHumanLove™- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We at TAJA ARE already in 2015 and 2016 learning how to touch our students MORE THAN EVER, already today in our Tajasized classrooms, touching them with with BasicHumanLove™. Click here to learn more. Basic human love is the philosophical backbone of our Taja Teacher training (TT®) programs, be it Taja T1®, or Taja T2®.



We shall be updating this page periodically as our theoretical work progresses and development of rt-t3® moves from the drawing stage to actual manufacturing and programming.

Look forward to some pretty amazing events over the coming 24 months. The only thing holding us back right now is funding.

We're looking for people to join our team and for corporate funding and sponsorship.

If that's possibly you, please do contact us.



Meanwhile, we suggest you jump right now into Taja T2®.

Taja T2® is our immediate future. It's here today. Fully functional. Tried, tested and proven.

And it's actually the gateway to Taja T3®.

You and your school can immediately profit BIG TIME from Taja T2®, now, immediately coming this next academic year.


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