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Before deciding if T2® is for your school or not, watch these four video's to get the picture.


TAJA T2® is a win-win proposal for each and every student, each and every teacher.

But, it's not for every school.


Here are the top ten reasons why you'll find TAJA T2® is NOT for your school:

1) Schools with a small teacher payroll (less than 20 teachers on your payroll) won't get too excited from the financial savings TAJA T2® provides . Medium sized to large schools immediately CAN realize the potential T2® beholds for them.

2) If most classrooms in your school already enjoy a low student to teacher ratio e.g., no more than 8 to 12 students per teacher per classroom (and can afford to continue with that paradigm).

3) If your financial balance sheet is irrelevant, i.e., you will enjoy into the foreseeable future unlimited funding.

4) If a more effective utilization of resources (teachers, classrooms, administrators, transport buses, teacher apartments, etc.) is not on your school agenda.

5) If you don't "really" care about your students. We mean "really." We're coming from a space of love here. Basic human love. BHL. For example, you already have classrooms jam packed with 80 to 150 students (and one teacher). How can you merge those types of classes into one classroom as T2® does? You cannot. If you already have one teacher teaching 80-150 students, that means you don't care. You just don't care about your students, or your teachers. For some reasons unknown to us you are caring about something else because the teacher is in this type of classroom not teaching, the teacher is herding. Herding students in a room like one would cattle. If your students are cattle and your teachers herders, well, it's fair to say you just don't care about the student nor the teacher, that's the bottom line here and it has nothing to do with "face."

6) If you constantly like having to hire and train new teachers, every year then most probably you won't want to TAJA T2® your school. Some administrators love hiring. It keeps them busy, gives them power, and justifies their higher than average administrator/teacher salary. In quite a few mid to large universities in China, administrator staff outnumber academic staff by a factor of 2 to 1, and many times over that. Other administrators and schools don't. They'd prefer not to have to hire new teachers again and again and again year after year nor to employ a large administrative staff- to train them, take care of them, answer to their every frustration, etc., etc., if they could. But they can't. They can't because most schools are already understaffed. You're understaffed because you have no  p a r a d i g m  to work with, work from. With T2® the paradigm is clear. Two do the job better than one. Two costs less than three. Start there.

7) If stressed-out teachers is fine by you and your school then you should ignore T2®. For example, overloading teachers with a stressful work schedule resulting in their inevitable burnout might not be seen by administrators, but it's prevalent in most schools, especially in universities in China. Those teachers that can afford to, will quit at their timing of choice. Those who cannot become "walking dead" teachers. The type of teacher who gets up early in the morning to take the school bus to the other campus, and on the bus, falls asleep again, i.e., takes a nap. What kind of teacher is that if not "walking dead?" I personally have observed this phenomena daily, at the university I teach in, in China. What kind of teaching experience do they enact when they wakeup, get off the bus, walk into the classroom and immediately start the class? What Kind? And consequently, what kind of learning experience unfolds for the student with that kind of teacher? A crap experience. That's what kind. How can creative or independent critical thinking be fostered with a mind sound asleep still, the teachers mind! This observation is confirmed in research conducted by John Groeger, a professor of psychology at the University of Hull in the UK, which indicates that nappers should avoid higher-level executive tasks right after waking. "When you wake you can do simple things pretty well," he said, "but your brain needs an hour or two to come fully back online."

8) If improving the scores and grades of your students doesn't matter to you than Taja T2 shouldn't either. Walking dead teachers don't teach, and don't stimulate, but rather they just regurgitate information. In China that means they tell students to memorize certain bits of the curriculum, then they grade on the curve. They show slides in the class, and pass the teaching time that way. What kind of experience is that for the student, week after week? DO the grades actually reflect the students ability to contribute anything to society? Or to themselves in their own personal development? To work better? To think more? To help their country? TAJA T2® provides a better learning experience. It is expressed and reflected in the grades. If you cannot join us, then lets see you beat us and our students. We will outscore your students each and every time.

9) If you yourself are thinking inside the box rather than outside of the box, well, your school will be like that too. That kind of thinking will be reflected in every nook, cranny, student, teacher and wall in your school. It will permeate everywhere over time. And the consequences can become uncomfortable.

10) If you are old fashioned, not innovative, afraid and not progressive enough to lead, explore and discover especially when exploration itself comes knocking on your door, then you'll have to pay the price. Unintended consequences always seem to be painful. Especially financially painful.


When you unlock the teacher, you unlock the student.

That's the basic premise here. Unlocking the potential.

It's pretty much undeniable.

Theoretically, or empirically.


How to?

License TAJA TT® T2® today and watch how it unfolds, classroom by classroom you'll be revamping your school.

TAJA T2® will be a big boon for your school!





>Mr. Alan Abrams for TAJA T2® information.



Contact us by email to fill in our online survey so that we can get a better grasp of your school, its specific needs, and how to best TAJA® THEM.

Contact Alan for more information about the cost of onsite training of your teachers in the TAJA T2® paradigm/ methodology. He'll calculate with you the millions Taja T2® is going to put back into your school bank account, consecutively year after year. Taja TT® onsite training is here to help you and your school unlock your potential, saving you big money along the way.


>Mr. Joy for terms of employment.



Joy would like to teach spoken English at your university.

A spoken English language course.

Inquire into Joy's availability for employment in academic year 2016 or alternatively starting in September 2017, today. Joy will not just teach an English language course on his own but he will also train your teacher of choice in TAJA T2® (as a free bonus) as part of his teaching employment contract.

Joy is now looking to seal a new teaching contract at a prestigious university either in China, or abroad.

Joy and Alan both are both presently teaching at Guilin University of Technology (GUT), in Guangxi province.

Alan has been teaching at the university for over ten years, Joy just one year.
Joy wants to move on to wider horizons, Alan just got married and plans to stay.

The below spoken English language courses are for Chinese university students.

These courses have already been taught by Joy alone, and both by Alan and Joy together using the 2 teachers - 1 classroom dual teaching TAJA T2® system, at the university in China for Chinese students.

Both are for freshman up-to and including post-graduate students.

The 28 hour one term course which Joy would like to teach at your school is called "BHL. BasicHumanLove. Life, and life skills- you are fundamentally rich already."

Alternatively, Joy offers and can teach a two term 50 hour course called "HEALth... take yours to a whole new level... physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually too."

Chose which course you would like Joy to teach at your school and watch for a year or two TAJA T2® in action before deciding if to implement it in your school too.


Unlock the potential.


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From China with love.