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Taja T2® saves UNIVERSITIES, colleges and schools big money both in the short term, and in the longer term too.

T2® dramatically reduces direct payroll expenses, and also indirect expenses too, freeing up your cash flow and creating budget surpluses for discretionary usage.


We're offering schools and universities a way to effectively get more production out of their existing teachers, or to reduce teacher payrolls, or to grow a student body without hiring new teachers to service that growth.

We're offering growth, savings, innovation and a forward thinking school.

We're also talking superior learning. And a superior teaching experience where the teacher finds himself/herself exponentially more satisfied from the teaching profession as a career option than ever before.

All of that translates into repairing and reforming a school's financial balance sheet and reputation/name in a very straightforward and positive way.


Look, lets keep this simple and straightforward so that you truly understand the enormous savings TAJA T2® represents.

Most people, when we say "two teachers/one classroom," they cringe.

Their first reaction is "Oh, double the payroll expenses."

And then their next reaction is "we don't have the funds for that."


That reaction is mistaken ... It's a misunderstanding.

It's a solidification of past experiences i.e., "if I buy double, I pay double."

Or at the least, if not double, I pay more.


But in fact, with TAJA T2® when you double the number of teachers in the classroom from one to two,
you end up at the same time cutting a third teacher out of the picture, off the payroll, forever.

And that's big money!


The key here is MERGING.




In TAJA T2® we take three classrooms covering more or less the same subject (lets for example say an oral English class, or it could be a mechanical engineering class 101, or a marketing 101 class, or a philosophy class, or a physics class or any classes in any department or faculty in any school for that matter, it doesn't matter what the curriculum is!).

Initially you had three classrooms teaching the same subject composed of three different teachers, but with Taja T2® we merge the three classes into one larger sized class, and remove one teacher from the picture. And by the way, at the same time we removed two classrooms from the equation too... or rather freed up two classrooms, physically. We'll talk more about that later. Lets stay focused here, right now, on the teacher aspect and the financial ramifications of TAJA T2® on payrolls.

We don't need the third teacher anymore after we merged the three classrooms into one the Taja T2® way.
We now have one larger sized classroom, with two Taja T2® trained teachers.

As a school you can either eliminate the third teacher from the payroll, i.e., fire them, or if you like use them to expand and grow new classes without needing to hire new teachers (without adding new staff to your payroll) ... something you would need to do in the traditional one teacher/one classroom paradigm.


We physically merge the three classrooms into one, and teach the class with two Taja T2® trained teachers.

The two key elements worthy of you noting are:

  1. Training.
  2. Merging.


If you just go out and merge three classroom today on your own (i.e., with using Taja's services) into one bigger classroom, and no training is given to your teachers how to engineer the class, how to perform in a bigger classroom, how to support each other, how to role play and encourage student participation chances are quite high that you'll end up with a degraded classroom environment which results in a lower level of education.

It's the training, the way the merging takes place, and the philosophical backbone behind the T2® framework which makes this pivot to a two teacher paradigm work.


We've spent years in developing the Taja T2® system... if you think you can just wing it, and see the type of results we see in T2® classrooms, well, we wish you good luck... putting two untrained teachers in a large classroom is a recipe for disaster. Ego is a big deterrent. Lack of experience sharing the classroom is another big deterrent. Resistance to change is a another deterrent. In fact, descriptively it's a bit like putting two bulls into a small pen. Or two Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) into the same fish tank. Or two birds from different species into the same cage. One gorges the other, or even kills the other, rather quickly.


Our experience shows that two TAJA T2® trained teachers can superbly manage a classroom comprising up to 90 - 120 students.

One teacher alone obviously cannot teach such a large classroom and be effective...but two TRAINED in Taja T2® can.

And they can do it exceptionally well.

In fact, much better than if you had three individual teachers in three individual classrooms of 30 students each per classroom

Students win, teachers win, school profits.
Click to learn more.


In summary...

Before using TAJA T2® you had 3 classrooms and 3 teachers.

Now you have 1 classroom and 2 teachers.

You save. You save on teachers and classrooms.

You save BIG TIME on direct payroll expenses, and ALSO on other associated indirect expenses (housing, insurance, administration salaries and administrative expenses, transportation costs, medical expenses, end of year bonuses, pensions, etc.).

Immediately save this year... and every year thereafter.

Now, go compound those savings over a five or ten year period and you'll see that the savings are so enormous, so substantial that it would be foolish not to jump into T2® right now, today.

The dividends are huge.


So now, do the calculations yourself...

For example, if one of your teachers costs your school 10,000 US$ a year and you cut ten teachers by implanting Taja T2®,
the school is ahead financially to the tune of 100,000 US$ per year.

So every year from now on, you saved 100,000 US$.

In other words over a five year period you saved on staff payroll alone 500,000 US$.

That's your net present value of the first year savings.


It's a recurring saving.

Learn more below.


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the implications, and the potential financially to repair your school balance sheet and to ensure a budgetary financial surplus, almost immediately. Surplus funds which can be used for other investments that are school related be it marketing and sales, IT investments, or building and construction of new sports facilities, new dorms, etc., etc..


At the end of the day, with two Taja T2® trained teachers you end up with a better student learning experience than you previously had with only one teacher in one classroom. Far better. Click and find out why.

And you end up with a better teaching experience too for the teachers. Far better. Far easier for them. Much more effective and productive for them. Much more efficient. Much more energizing too. Click and find out how.

It's as simple as this.

This is how Taja T2® puts big money into your school bank account
recurringly, year after year,
while simultaneously improving education at the same time.

This is revolutionary!

And very worthy of your serious attention.

End of case.




Salaries are the killer

The biggest expense any school has on a recurring basis forever is obviously, SALARIES.

It's the "forever" part that stands at the crux and at the core of financial stress for almost every school.


Payrolls represent on average over 77% of school funding expenditures.

Large and well managed universities like Penn State University in the USA are at 51% marker.

In many improperly run schools around the globe, that figure can reach as high as 93-97%.

Median markers center around the mid 70's%, such as in the case of North Seattle University, or Kent State.

Reliable data for Chinese universities is of course hard to find, but we're assuming that mid to large universities have greater budgetary strains than small to medium provincial universities. Probably the truth lies somewhere in the median markers or above.


Taja T2® can reduce a university salary PAYROLL
and associated funding expenses by 12-50%.





No new classrooms, buildings or other infrastructure investments.

No new curriculums, teachers, administrators, IT people.


If your school is in a major Asian city double, triple, and quadruple the 10,000 dollar savings we used in the above example.

In the Western world Taja T2® can result in even bigger savings as the cost factors are exponentially higher than in Asia or Africa, three to five to six times higher at least.


TAJA T2® saves your school resources, money, time and teachers.

TAJA T2® gives you resource allocation efficiencies.

Pedagogically, TAJA T2® gives you a better teacher and a better student learning experience.

Name wise and marketing wise TAJA T2® gives you advantages over your competitors.



By the way, don't get caught up in old ways of thinking here.

Just cutting teachers off the payroll does nothing to improve the quality of learning or education, or teaching.

If you decide not to Tajasize your classrooms, and decide to go at it alone, to give it a try alone, to cut/slash/merge you're taking big risks that just don't add up.

You'll be shaking and traumatizing the system for no reason whatsoever, and with no tangible immediate benefits.

But by merging when using Taja T2® you win immediately by creating better teachers, and better students. You unlock the teachers, and therefore unlock the students. And as you just saw above you unlock your finances too. And a school financial situation improves immediately.

It's a win-win-win proposal.

At almost no costs to you.

Our deal is simple... you pay us our licensing and training fee only after we finish training your teachers.

The fruit of using Taja T2® as a paradigm is that you create the capacity for more revenue, and more savings, for years to come. It's compounded.




It's as simple, as awesome, as beautiful, as easy, as that.


But in addition, when doing the basic math, there are even more savings

Interest savings on overdraft facilities is one.

But there is a lot more than that...

Beyond payroll savings a university will also experience other direct and indirect savings too, savings that should not be forgotten, nor marginalized.

Lets discuss a few of them now...


With Taja T2® as the teaching paradigm a university or any school for that matter can not just cut staff, BUT MORE SO retain staff longer due to a better teaching and working environment.

Less staff turnover is a saving.


Less teacher turnover is a "drip" down saving.

It's quantifiable, but not predictable.

But still it is a direct saving, not an indirect one.

And it is measurable.

And it adds or takes away big time to the bottom line of a school's balance sheet.


There is a lot of ground to cover for new teachers in the first term.

Many novice teachers ultimately experience burnout, confusion and frustration.

Veteran teachers experience frustration too.

Unsatisfactory stimulation from their students and a lack of personal growth intellectually is a prime cause.

Scheduling stress is another cause.

Lack of mobility and personal career choices is another cause of stress.

T2® eliminates this, and more.


By implementing a TAJA T2® paradigm in your school, it's reasonable to forecast that administrators won't be hiring so many new teachers, so frequently.

Administrators will therefore spend less time interviewing new teachers, training new teachers, corresponding with new teachers, etc., etc..

That means they will have considerably more time available for them to do other things instead of reading resumes, emailing with prospect teachers (a huge amount of time and money is spent just on this one activity).

Much more time free.

In short, many less administrators needed!


And that means you have to hire less, train less and pay less for costly university administrators.

Or at the least you can relieve the existing ones of the overload and stress which they are now experiencing in their work.


That right there is ANOTHER EXAMPLE of "drip" down money in your pocket.


Indirect expenses mean just that...


They are not "drip" down savings but rather monetary expenses indirectly incurred by schools and universities, caused by teacher employment.

For example, you'll need less apartments for teachers to live in because you'll have less teachers on the payroll. You'll need less medical insurance for teachers, less monthly accounting procedures, less communication expenses, less buses to transport teachers between campuses, etc., etc..

The list goes on and on depending where your schools is located and what its contractual obligations are.


TAJA T2® is a big boon for your school!





>Mr. Alan Abrams for TAJA TT® information.


Contact by email in English or Chinese.

Or phone Alan right now.

It's not to far fetched to say, "this call is money in your pocket."

Phone: +86 15750705193




Unlock YOUR potential as a school.
Repair and reform yourself financially.

This is the way forward in the 21st century.

Better teachers, better students, better school finances.


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