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How will your school name profit?

Taja T2® is a boon for any university (public or private).

TAJA T2® is very attractive for medium size universities, and it is especially enticing for schools with a very large teacher body, and/ or a very large student body.

T2 is not for small or 3rd tier schools.


Schools loose face not just because of what they say or do, but also because of what they don't do.

They loose their innovative spirit as they get older.

They become complacent. And distracted.

Distracted from improving the teaching and learning experience, and instead become focused on consumption. Building new buildings, new campuses, acquiring new information technology, etc..


And with that they lose their competitive ranking vis-à-vis other schools.

And when that happens they find it harder and harder to attract and maintain the highest caliber students, and teachers.

And with that money/income becomes scarcer, and consequently with time name and face suffer.


With TAJA T2 none of this happens.

Your school will attract the highest caliber students because it offers the highest caliber learning experience in the land. The most expansive learning experience ever seen or experienced by any student. No student of yours (past or present) has ever been in a classroom, were the whole term, two teachers taught simultaneously. NEVER ever! Word will spread fast.

Parallel, from now on the school maintains the best teachers, with continuity, because the T2 environment energizes teachers daily, rather than draining them. Click the link to learn how.


Taja T2 is an exciting option for any school, be they a new school recently opened just for a few years only or a well established veteran well known elite school that wants, and needs, to stay in the elite club.

T2 sweetens your face and your school's brand name recognition in China and beyond; academically, recognition wise, and financially too...


Schools benefit by becoming renown for...


In addition ...


TAJA T2 is a win-win proposal for each and every first and second tier university in China.

World wide for that matter.

T2 works for prestigious high tuition high-schools (pre college schools) also.


Schools retain (save) large amounts of money annually by reducing payroll costs while (by paradox) improving at the same time simultaneously the teachers teaching environment and, the learning experience itself.

Money that can be spent for example, on marketing... improving the school's image, marketing the school domestically and internationally to new potential/prospective students/parents, and on new budgets to advertise the school in the local and international arenas thereby drowning out the competition. Competition which intends to poach students ruthlessly, thereby harming your income today, and into the future.

Or, money can just be held in escrow for a rainy day. Millions of Yuan. Millions of dollars.


You know best, better than us, what you can do with millions of extra Yuan or Dollars or Euro's in your pocket.


Pedagogically, a school using TAJA T2 is much better off and superior to a school without.

We challenge you to explore this fact and see for yourself.

Start implementing TAJA T2 in 2016 and watch your balance sheet, name and face improve, improve dramatically for the better. And might we add, in a very sustainable way.


The "free" ride is over for higher education "brick-and-mortar" Chinese schools.

Ultimately slower and lower admissions due to a weakening economy, less disposable money in the consumers pocket coupled with dramatically less money from the public purse will result in squeezed budgets, and a financial crunch.

This is the process which we foresee unfolding in the higher education market in China (and around the globe) this coming decade (2015-2025).

In addition, online "Internet" schools and universities will continue to gain considerable ground from traditional brick-and-mortar universities just as they have in the past decade.

This phenomena is taking place not just in China but around the globe (7 of the top 10 Google "university" searches in 2014 were for online Internet schools! That's an amazing statistic in our opinion!!) thereby putting a further squeeze on the financials of universities.

So, here's another way for looking at TAJA T2...

The writing is on the wall Mr. University. Financials are going to become critical soon (if they are not already). Not buildings, not number of basketball courts, not nr. of students, nor nr. of campuses. Payrolls are going to have to be cut. We're saying do it intelligently so that students and teachers profit too, simultaneously. And standards are going to have to be raised at the same time too. TAJA TT accomplishes all this, and more. This is how capitalism, any type of capitalism, works. We're saying TAJA® your payroll NOW already in the 2016 fiscal year. And get ahead now. Raise the learning experience. Raise the teaching bar. Don't wait. Profit today. Gutsy moves pay great dividends. Don't wait to be forced into "shaping up" because by then you'll only be responding to an enrollment and financial crisis whereas now you have the opportunity to innovate, lead, and profit. Innovate or expect to be severely financially crunched like you have never seen before as both China and economies around the world dramatically slow down while at the same time students "go online" for their degrees, more than ever before.

TAJA T2® is a big boon for your school!




>Mr. Alan Abrams for TAJA T2® information.



Contact us by email to fill in our online survey so that we can get a better grasp of your school, its specific needs, and how to best TAJA® THEM.

Contact Alan for more information about the cost of onsite training of your teachers in the TAJA T2® paradigm/ methodology. He'll calculate with you the millions Taja T2 is going to put back into your school bank account, consecutively year after year. Taja T2 onsite training is here to help you and your school unlock your potential, saving you big money along the way.


>Mr. Joy for terms of employment.



Joy would like to teach spoken English at your university.

A spoken English language course.

Inquire into Joy's availability for employment in academic year 2016 or alternatively starting in September 2017, today. Joy will not just teach an English language course on his own but he will also train your teacher of choice in TAJA T2® (as a free bonus) as part of his teaching employment contract.

Joy is now looking to seal a new teaching contract at a prestigious university either in China, or abroad.

Joy and Alan both are both presently teaching at Guilin University of Technology (GUT), in Guangxi province.

Alan has been teaching at the university for over ten years, Joy just one year.
Joy wants to move on to wider horizons, Alan just got married and plans to stay.

The below spoken English language courses are for Chinese university students.

These courses have already been taught by Joy alone, and both by Alan and Joy together using the 2 teachers - 1 classroom dual teaching TAJA T2® system, at the university in China for Chinese students.

Both are for freshman up-to and including post-graduate students.

The 28 hour one term course which Joy would like to teach at your school is called "BHL. BasicHumanLove. Life, and life skills- you are fundamentally rich already."

Alternatively, Joy offers and can teach a two term 50 hour course called "HEALth... take yours to a whole new level... physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually too."

Chose which course you would like Joy to teach at your school and watch for a year or two TAJA T2® in action before deciding if to implement it in your school too.


Unlock the potential.











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