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Albert Einstein once described education in this manner:

"It is not so very important for a person to learn facts. For that he does not really need a college. He can learn them from books.  The value of an education in a liberal arts college is not the learning of many facts, but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks”  

(Einstein, His Life and Times, by Philipp Frank). Source.




How will your students benefit from Taja T2®?

It's the teachers who in essence deliver what the textbooks can't and don't.

That's why T2® is so powerful.

Our emphasis and focus started from the teacher side- how to deliver a better teaching experience for the teachers.

Simultaneously we we're looking for a better learning experience for the student.


We discovered that students benefit by "unlocking" their potential.

The way to do that effectively and quickly is to "unlock their teacher."

When you "unlock" the teacher, you end up "unlocking" the students.


Students immediately benefit from... 


Tried, tested, proven.

Hear their comments in their own words in Chinese (unedited).


Taja T2® raises the bar in education by "unlocking" teachers.



Taja T2® is a life saver for many students, both individually and collectively.

Both during the class, during the term, and long after.


TAJA T2® dramatically improves the classroom environment.

This is self evident to those in the classroom. Teacher and students alike.

It provides the opportunity and SPACE for creative independent critical thinking to arise more effortlessly.


Empowerment. Anew. A meeting of minds. A stage play. Theater.

Each week. Each lesson. Each classroom.

In any school. Any faculty. Any department. Any classroom.

Any student. In any language format.

Every season of the year.

Now, compound that!


When you unlock the teacher, you unlock the student.

That is what TAJA T2® is proposing.

If you want to ignore us, and find reasons and excuses not to implement T2® in your school... that's your prerogative.


But know in the longer term doing so would be an injustice to your students, your teachers, your school name and school finances.

Taja T2® is innovation in education...21st century PROFITABLE innovation.

Our paradigm and methodology not just saves your school a ton of money but it unequivocally creates a more appealing environment for creative thinking to expose itself than a solo teacher classroom EVER did, or ever could.

Creative independent thinking has far more room to naturally appear, develop step by step and move about in a dual teacher one classroom setting than in a single teacher classroom setting.

Far more! Academic excellence follows.

That's a simple mathematical fact.




It's a mathematical fact because there are just many more opportunities for this movement to take place.

You have double the teachers in the classroom!

Double the activity. Double the space.

Double the interaction.

Double the movement.

Double the stimulus.

Therefore, you have the potential for exponentially more than double the intellectual stimulation and creative engagement to abound.


But there is more, read on below...


TAJA T2® is a win-win proposal for each and every student


For example...


1. Less boredom and distraction in the classroom

With two teachers "dancing" in the classroom there is an unfoldment taking place in the classroom minute to minute for two straight hours. A movie of sorts beyond the actual teaching curriculum.

Students have less boredom and no need to look for distractions anymore (in China we see them looking at their iphones, staring at the ceiling, falling asleep in class, talking with each other and a general numbing down).

In Taja T2® "the two teachers" provide all the distraction the students will EVER need because there are two teachers "dancing," dancing through the classroom. Continuously. Walking around. Moving. Creating movement. Stimulating movement. It's part of our methodology called the "dance."


"Dancing" means there is a tsunami of kinetic energy and movement present for two straight hours in the classroom, something which a one teacher methodology finds almost impossible to create.


And even if one teacher in a one classroom/one teacher paradigm could create it, they would find it very hard to keep recreating it week after week, alone on their own, term after term. To keep sustaining it would result in a chaotic classroom. And it would be just too tiring for any "one teacher" on their own.


In a dual teacher paradigm using the TAJA T2® methodology, it's not hard to create.

We recreate week after week, term after term.

On the contrary, it is easy when trained in it.


2. More self-disciplined students

For example, we have also discovered with TAJA T2® (to our surprise) a more self-disciplined Chinese student than ever seen before in over ten years of teaching in a Chinese university.

It's a dream come true.

It is happening because the classroom becomes alive again like a high action two hour thriller movie, or an Elizabethan Shakespearean drama played out each week anew.

Anew each lesson, each week!

Students behave better on their own volition not because of being disciplined by their teacher, but rather do to their own self-motivation and curiosity to watch the class (to watch the stage and drama) as it unfolds.

They never know what's going to happen next, and that keeps their concentration riveted on the teachers, and the other students in the class.

In fact, in TAJA T2® this unlocking process is built into the system.

See for yourself in this recently filmed TAJA TT informational video #4.

It is a natural movement.


Each teacher independent and sovereign of each other yet TOTALLY connected.

Connected to themselves. And their students are connecting to them.


The TAJA T2® methodology incorporates tens of techniques that support this movement, this "dance", and enhance it.

A lot of trial and error hands-on work which was started by Alan and Joy seven years ago.

Now we're ready to share the TAJA T2® techniques, the methodology and the paradigm with your school too.


3. The students become also players on the stage

TAJA T2® goes EVEN further by providing an alternative learning environment and experience.

The kids are not just the audience in this educational paradigm but with Taja T2® they also become main players on the stage too.

They join the teacher in the teaching experience... it's a technique that T2® employs periodically when the "energy field" in the classroom subsides. It is designed to refocus attention, simply because students are always curious what their peers are going to have to do when they become part of the "dance." Because it's not a template, but rather a technique and a dialogue, the content of the interaction between teacher/student and student/students is unique and creative each and every time.


We'll show you how it's done when we train your teachers in T2®.

The bottom line is, it's exciting for any student, be they a freshman or a post-graduate too.

We've explored this technique in both settings- freshman and post-graduate classrooms.


TAJA T2® is a different kind of learning paradigm.

Easy for teachers to absorb and implement once trained in it.


We look forward to seeing some T2® in your school not just for the teachers benefit, but also for the student's benefit!

Pure motivation this is called.

Both sides need to win. Teachers and students alike.

And school too.


"Restoring Value in Education"

The philosophical backbone for the T2® dual teacher teaching system in Basic Human Love (BHL™).

A characteristic of BHL™ is warmth, kindness, and trust.

Warmth, kindness and trust are the basic parameters of "pure motivation."

BHL™ helps foster creative thinking and critical thinking.


Creative thinking

A secure proactive learning structure is how one fosters CREATIVE THINKING, critical thinking, independent thinking.

Many in China like to say that "China needs in the 21st century more creative thinking (and less testing, memorizing and copying) in the educational system".

But saying that isn't enough.


"How to make that happen?"

How to make that happen is a much more relevant and important question to us as teachers, and to our students too.



This "HOW" is what has evaded most teachers, and most schools.

The "how to" ... what is the structure that makes it happen?

In our Taja T2® case function follows structure.



"An Invaluable Educational Model"

You the teachers create the environment, the structure, for creative critical thinking to naturally happen.

That's how.

You set the causes and conditions by changing the teaching paradigm.

When you unlock the teachers, you simultaneously unlock the student.


This logic and the "structure imperative" is what most teachers and schools keep missing.

That's why no matter what's been done, in general, worldwide, education opportunities are fractured.

The very rich can buy a good education. The rest of us are left with a declining educational system, lower IQ's and life skills that are incompatible with job opportunities, more so than ever before.

We've been buying into the myth that higher education makes us smarter and increases our employment opportunities and salaries but the facts show that more than ever before this just isn't true in today's modern 21st century world.


We at TAJA Teacher Training® teach that we need to unlock the potential in our students and in the teachers, simultaneously.

That's how we will see immediate improvements.

Sustainable improvements.

Pedagogic improvements.


TAJA T2® unlocks this potential.

T2® is a collaborative effort between teachers and students.

TAJA T2® is a live and living example, each class, of pedagogic interconnectiveness.


Gentle prodding, patient one-on-one stimulation, is a big part of the process that induces creative thinking. 

When one teacher tries to do that alone in the classroom with one student independently, they lose control of the rest of the class very quickly.

Therefore, most teachers don't.


They cannot afford to.

They just lecture and show slides.

They've reneged on their commitment to teach, coach and lead and instead use technology instead to fill the "space" of the classroom.

As Alan (the co-founder with Joy of T2®) has repeatedly said many times:


"The teacher and the classroom have been robbed of all the conditions for true creativity, true personal development and independent thinking... and the focus on technology is just the newest addition to this pattern of robbing and destroying the vitality and value of the classroom."

----- Alan. W Abrams.  TAJA, 2015.


With T2®, you the teacher won't lose control of the classroom because the second teacher keeps the class attentive and engaged, while you work independently with the student in focus.

Consequently the dynamic of the classroom is preserved, and the "show" goes on.


There is no breakdown in the learning experience which is what one is seeing in China and for that matter, in classrooms throughout the world.

Check out the third and fourth video to learn more.


Two teachers intellectually stimulating and teaching students is far superior to one teacher alone. 

Above and beyond one teacher alone.

Two teachers stimulating and teaching is how we "Lead Students to Find the Value in Life."


Students discover personal empowerment the only way it can be discovered, PERSONALLY.

Through an interaction with different teachers simultaneously.


Not just different teachers teaching different subjects, or in different terms/semesters or in different years but actually, immediately, face to face, week after week, a continuous unfoldment of the empowerment process enacted again and again with two different teachers in the same classroom teaching the curriculum week after week.

Empowerment is an ongoing process, not a one off event.

It needs to be nourished, repeatedly, if it is to spout and grow.


Taja T2® provides the students with a more secure and stable, proactive, exciting and thrilling learning experience.

That's how we nourish our students.


A dynamic learning environment that they NEVER have experienced before in their lives.

Never EVER.

And they react very quickly to it.


Your school will find it hard to teach students to creatively explore and critically think if the teachers themselves aren't creative, and thinking critically about the teaching and learning experience.


The onus for creative thinking lies with and on the teachers and not on class size, technology, IT or on other means and materials.

We feel that your teachers are already creative, but the structure you've placed them in (a one teacher in one classroom modality) doesn't allow their creativity to flourish.


It impedes them.

It constrains them.

And it burns them out.

And over time it leads to higher turnover ratio's than should be (particularly in new novice first year teachers).


Creativity isn't flourishing in the teachers themselves.

Consequently it doesn't take root or flourish in their students either.

Presently, there is no living example of it in the classroom.

Taja T2® changes that.


Taja T2® provides the opportunity and the structure for this "rooting", "grounding" and "flourishing" to happen because the continuous interaction for two straight hours between two teachers inevitably allows it to materialize. The TAJA T2® (two teachers) methodology allows it to happen in a very gentle, creative, natural and dynamic way.

That's why we say, function/form follows structure, in this paradigm.


We actually developed Taja T2® with the student in mind just as much as the teacher.

The basic question was- how can we create a better learning experience for the student?


We ended up by addressing the other side of the equation, addressing the teacher side, and reforming the teaching paradigm, AND along the way we discovered to our surprise that Taja T2® is how schools can swiftly repair their financial balance sheet too.


Click here to learn how school's financially profit from Taja T2®.

Or, learn here how teachers profit from implementation of TAJA T2®.


T2™ succeeds because it ALSO among many other things expands a student's perception of how learning takes place, how it unfolds. The students feel it unfolding, they feel their teachers, they feel the "teaching force field," they feel embraced. It's not just a mental or intellectual exercise. Feeling is present too... and that's important for kids in the 21st century.


When using a dual teacher methodology students learn to engage, embrace and celebrate the classroom "learning" experience.

The "thinking" experience.


The chance to open their minds, and think out loud.

That's an advantage that bricks and mortar classrooms have over online learning.

With TAJA T2® we use all our capital, our human capital, in the classroom and that gives us an advantage over online learning and over the old stale boring 19th century one teacher/one classroom paradigm.


TAJA T2® is a win-win proposal for each and every student, teacher and school.

You're just way ahead by changing the teaching paradigm.


The "free" ride is over for higher education "brick-and-mortar" Chinese schools.

Ultimately slower and lower admissions due to a weakening economy, less disposable money in the consumers pocket coupled with dramatically less money from the public purse will result in squeezed budgets, and a financial crunch.

This is the process which we foresee unfolding in the higher education market in China (and around the globe) this coming decade (2015-2025).

In addition, online "Internet" schools and universities will continue to gain considerable ground from traditional brick-and-mortar universities just as they have in the past decade.

This phenomena is taking place not just in China but around the globe (7 of the top 10 Google "university" searches in 2014 were for online Internet schools! That's an amazing statistic in our opinion!!) thereby putting a further squeeze on the financials of universities.

So, here's another way for looking at TAJA TT®...

The writing is on the wall Mr. University. Financials are going to become critical soon (if they are not already). Not buildings, not number of basketball courts, not nr. of students, nor nr. of campuses. Payrolls are going to have to be cut. We're saying do it intelligently so that students and teachers profit too, simultaneously. And standards are going to have to be raised at the same time too. TAJA TT® accomplishes all this, and more. This is how capitalism, any type of capitalism, works. We're saying TAJA® your payroll NOW already in the 2016 fiscal year. And get ahead now. Raise the learning experience. Raise the teaching bar. Don't wait. Profit today. Gutsy moves pay great dividends. Don't wait to be forced into "shaping up" because by then you'll only be responding to an enrollment and financial crisis whereas now you have the opportunity to innovate, lead, and profit. Innovate or expect to be severely financially crunched like you have never seen before as both China and economies around the world dramatically slow down while at the same time students "go online" for their degrees, more than ever before.

TAJA T2® is a big boon for your school!





>Mr. Alan Abrams for TAJA T2® information.




Unlock the potential.

Teacher... Unlock your potential.

End the burnout. End the boredom.

End the dryness of the class.

End the oxygenless classroom.


"Unlock your potential" as a TEACHER.

Because when you "unlock" yourself, you end up "unlocking" your students too.



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From China with love.