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Summary of this site
Theoretical references/background


We're suggesting that classes be merged the T2® way- and teachers trained in T2® with an outcome that improves the quality of education - better teachers which result in better students.

At its core, TAJA T2® directly impacts a school's capacity to allocate resources (teachers) more efficiently while at the same time making those very same teachers much more productive. In short, we're proposing an upgrade and renaissance of the teaching profession through structural change.


Creativity, innovation, and out of the box thinking cannot be taught through textbooks. It's not a curriculum per say and there is no syllabus one could point to. It is an experience, fostered and imagined, shown in real life experiences, not on the screen, not in a textbook.

It's the teachers responsibility to live it, that's how their students are going to get it.

When your teachers are like that, when you teachers have it, your students will be like that too!


If your teachers and administrators are NOT imaginative, are not open to experimentation, are NOT explorative, creative and thinking outside of the box and are STUCK in a one teacher-one classroom static environment and in a one dimensional mentality then please explain to yourself and tell us too how will it be possible for them to train and educate their students to be WHAT THEY AREN'T?

It's not going to happen in a million years, no matter how many directives come down from above. And no matter how much everyone talks about the need for more creative dynamic innovative thinking. And no matter how much cooperative learning is going on. It's just not going to happen.


So, pay attention to what we're going to say below...


Our investigations, observations, T2® suggestions and proposal arise from within the classroom itself.

Not from theory, nor from top-down regulation, not from hope or a desire for change.

Nor as an academic exercise, nor from intellectual curiosity but rather from an empirical observation, an accidental observation. We weren't conducting an experiment, in other words there was no planned scientific observation going on. What unfolded was just an accident.

We discuss this "accident" in the storytaja1 infomercial video.

This accident explains what we have discovered, and why others before us haven't seen or taken serious notice of what we are seeing.

It's as simple as one question... it wasn't the question itself nor the answer given per say which are of any importance, but rather it was in the accident of just answering a question and observing what happened in the classroom. If I Joy didn't accidentally answer a question asked in Alan's classroom, probably non of this would have appeared to us, to Alan and Joy- not the PEDAGOGIC ramifications and financial issues, the paradigm, the methodologies we have developed specifically for T2®, nor this website, nor this business. Check out the above video to learn more about this "accident."

Creativity, innovation, brilliance and effort seems to start in the most unexpected ways and in the most unplanned circumstances!

That's the beauty of it. Ask any creator and they will say the same- that's the beauty of it, the beauty of creativity.


Quality education... innovation... a renaissance in the teaching profession. In the The TAJA T2® paradigm universities SAVE MONEY because they need less teachers than they previously needed to teach the same amount of students (or even larger amounts), students benefit in ways that cooperative learning for example doesn't even begin to address on a wholesale basis, teachers benefit in unimaginable ways because of the dynamic "force field" Taja T2® creates in a classroom and the school name, finances and face improves too. Watch T2® in a university classroom, in China, filmed in late 2014, and see for yourself some aspects of it. Click the above links to learn more about each of the above points.

With TAJA T2® the paradigm is simple and clear.
Two do the job much better than one. Two costs less than three.


Learn more below...

- Technically, how do universities accomplish financial savings (payroll savings) without impairing the quality of education they offer?

- More so, how will they improve the education given with less teachers and/or less paying students (i.e., smaller budgets)?

- Technically, how does one improve the learning/teaching experience simultaneously during a time of growth, or alternatively during a time of financial stress?

- Financially, how will a school benefit from our TAJA T2® proposal? How financially? By how much in Yuan? In what ways?


If you are a school administrator or a decision maker, we challenge you to think before jumping into this website.

- Why is there only one teacher in a classroom? Where did that idea come from? Whose idea was it anyway?

- Could "teaching and learning" progress better if we had two teachers simultaneously in the same classroom?

- Does a one teacher-one classroom paradigm make sense financially?

- Could and would a different teaching/teacher paradigm make more financial sense?

- Why have we been stuck in a one teacher-one classroom teaching paradigm for the past three hundred years?

- If we had a new teacher paradigm could it easily and swiftly be put in place? In every school? Every department? Every country? At what cost?

- Should it? Should it be implemented on a wholesales basis, or rather selectively, step by step, department by department, faculty by faculty?

- What would be the advantages of a new paradigm? What would be the benefits? What would be the disadvantages?

- A new paradigm that benefits everyone- teachers, students, schools and financials too?

- Does a paradigm have to fulfill the aspirations of all the players? Should it? Could it in reality?


If answers to the above questions interest you, please proceed to explore and investigate this website, and our TT® T2® proposal for your school.


Innovation pays for itself.

Your school has an incentive to T2® itself.

Taja T2® reduces the number of teachers on your payroll. Now and into the future.


使用“TAJA T2教育·培训”大学会省很多钱 。


TAJA T2®(老师培训)是个又新的又使人激动的教育模式


TAJA T2® affords schools the capacity to offer an improved learning experience at no extra costs to the school.

In fact, at a saving to the school!



It's empirically tested, and not just theoretical.


We want your school to license from us our TAJA T2® system, to implement it as a paradigm.

We also want to train your teachers in TAJA T2®.

Implementation without training is inferior to implementation with training.

Your school can profit pedagogically AND financially from TAJA T2®.


Pedagogically, what's so special about T2®?

Here with TAJA T2® were talking about a NEW teaching paradigm- one classroom, two teachers.

It's a totally different world with a totally different worldview than a one teacher-one classroom paradigm.


In TAJA T2® we focus on "unlocking the teacher."

If you are a teacher ask yourself one simple question- has anyone or any teaching technique, teaching program, technology or curriculums made you aware and feel that your potential to motivate, captivate and engage your students has expanded dramatically?


We are not just saying put two teachers together in the same room. That is a meaningless exercise on its own. ONE DOOMED TO FAILURE.

We're saying, if you train two teachers in the TAJA T2® system, the outcome is you UNLOCK THE TEACHERS and end up with money in hand.

Big money!


We've developed a system that makes this "unlocking" happen, and facilitates it to grow month after month.

They (the two teachers) unlock each other, they unlock their inherent rich potential as teachers, and as human beings.

And, when you unlock the teachers, you end up unlocking their students™.

Just for the record, our starting point was actually the student, how to make the classroom and learning experience better for the student/ how to unlock the student but we discovered that the way to effectively do this is to stay focused on the teacher.

In TAJA T2® everything these days stems and flows from the empirical observation that the "teacher/teaching structure" is THE imperative, rather than the teacher "function" being "the" imperative.

Most researchers for the past few decades have been focusing on the output functionality of the learning and teaching processes which we believe at TAJA to be at best a derivative of a few factors- teachers knowledge of the curriculum, teachers skillfulness, teachers self confidence, students intellectual capacity, students willingness to learn and make effort, and of course testing and grading standards and the learning environment itself, all which are influential to varying degrees in the cake we call- "teachers and students, learning, profiting and growing."


The STRUCTURAL imperative, or we could say the "structural question," or if you like the "structural viewpoint" is "the" imperative that schools and educators seem to be ignoring, for a few centuries now!

Everyone everywhere tends to focus primarily on function, not structure.

Function follows Structure

We're claiming that function (better teachers, better students) follows form and structure.

When you unlock the teacher you unlock the student.

When you change the structure, you immediately alter function.

For example a room with one window is a different structure than a room with three windows facing three different directions.

The air flow is different, the light is different, and the energetics are different.

It's the same in a classroom. Two teachers is fundamentally different than one. They bring two different windows to the room, to the subject material being taught.


Unlocking the teachers naturally unfolds when you pair two different T2® trained teachers together in one classroom.

That is a different structure than a one teacher classroom. It's a paradigm change.

A two teacher modality is fundamentally different than a one teacher modality.


And consequently function will be altered. Cause and effect. Or one could say, function follows form and structure.

In other words if the classroom is the structure, a one teacher structure is energetically different than a two teacher structure.

And this has a vast array of implications on everything else.

On the students, the class experience, the classroom environment and classroom energetics, the school, and school finances too.


By the way, just for the record we should note that there is a lot of terminology being thrown around and used these days to name a two teacher approach- quite a few different names and terms including Collaborative teaching, Co teaching, Inclusion teaching, Team teachers, etc. And lots of discussion too in public forums online. Here's a classic discussion... and KNOW, HERE AT TAJA® WE DISAGREE WITH ALMOST EVERYTHING EVERYONE SAID at this forum discussion. Our empirical findings don't support most of the claims and statements made there outside of one, that being some training is required if dual teachers are to succeed.


On the other side of the coin, is the learning experience itself.

In the above we talked a bit about the teaching experience. Now lets talk a bit about the learning experience and how TAJA T2® contributes to it.

There is lots of scientific discussion for bettering the learning experience. It has been an ongoing topic in academic circles receiving enhanced attention in academia since the early 60's and well into the late 90's, specifically addressing the student.

For example... Cooperative Learning Returns to College: What Evidence Is There that it Works?
David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson, Karl A. Smith 1998 Change v20 issue 4 July/August, p26-35.

"This review of 168 studies of cooperative learning over 73 years concludes that cooperative learning is almost 150% as effective as individual or competitive learning in terms of academic achievement. It also makes students to like their classmates and school better."

Here with TAJA T2® we've basically arrived at the same quality results that Johnson & Johnson discuss, but from a different direction, and more comprehensively.

We address not just the student and the student learning experience, but teacher's and school finances too.

That's a fundamental difference between their work and ours!


Secondly, intellectually, it seems to us that it is a misrepresentation to call any of these 168 case studies indicative of a paradigm shift.

They are not a paradigm shift.

They are at best a teaching and/or learning methodological shift only.

But, they are all centered around and upon the same old paradigm- that being one classroom, one teacher. There is no paradigm shift.


Here with TAJA T2® were talking about a NEW paradigm- one classroom, two teachers.

A new paradigm essentially means that there is a totally different world. With a totally different worldview. Which requires skill sets that are totally different if one is to function effectively in that new different world.

Such is the reality when you have two teachers under one roof teaching one class.


If you wish to learn more about cooperative learning please read on, the below paragraphs summarize it. If not, click here and skip the below paragraphs.


INTIME research (Integrating New Technologies Into The Methods of Education) whose "conceptual models include the latest research on the use of standards to improve learning as well as the most contemporary strategies available from cognitive psychology and learning research" details what they call the new teaching paradigm versus older teaching paradigms. If it interests you, please click on the link and review INTIME's paradigm analysis and conclusions. As we already stated above, we don't see it as a paradigm shift, but rather as a methodology shift.

While we partially agree with the INTIME insight that "education is a personal transaction among students and between teacher and students as they work together" (Johnson, Johnson, & Holubec, 1998) we totally agree with their premise that "theory and research that have clear applications to instruction" is the way to move foreword in reforming pedagogic practices.

There too, like with Johnson, the bulk of INTIME's penetration has "actually" been on the learning structures, the student STRUCTURE, just as Johnson and Johnson have, and many others have too (find references here... more references here.).

While cooperative learning obviously is an improvement on the "old teaching" methodologies which have been in place for a few hundred years now, our observations show that we can go even further, we can and should investigate an alternative paradigm rather than just alternative methodologies.

A cooperative teaching structure (using a T2® dual teacher methodology) makes all the parties even better- the teachers, the students and the school- much better. Furthermore, cooperative teaching structures can SAVE MONEY too, something which cooperative learning structures don't even address!


From a pedagogic perspective, by unlocking the teachers, we end up unlocking the students, attaining many of the benefits that Johnson discovered, plus more.

You unlock the teacher not by "focusing" them on new curriculum or new teaching methods, but rather by "freeing" them, and their movement.

By giving them in simple language, some space.


While this might sound too simplistic, and too ridiculous, it's the God honest truth. Space is where everything starts from, resides in, and ends in.

It is our opinion from empirical observation that trying to improve teachers (and thereby trying to improve the "learning processes") by using theme based teaching, charter schools, cooperative learning structures or individualized strategies for individual students seems from our experiences in the classroom to be inferior to just setting a structure which unlocks teachers, which unlocks the potential in teachers.

Two teaches in the same classroom using T2® is in our opinion, the answer. And this is worthy of your attention because this a "structural" paradigm shift of major proportions, and not just a methodology shift. 

And, contrary to your first knee jerk mental reaction, this ends up saving schools money, not costing them more money but saving them money!

The implications are major because they translate into dollars and cents too.


The unlocking of the student meeting INTIME's new teaching paradigm face-on seems to happen as a by product in TAJA T2®, and therefore we're claiming that approaches common today can not just be enhanced by applying a TAJA T2® paradigm, but even replaced or at least supplemented by it.

Focusing on the "Teacher's" (rather than just focusing on the student as charter schools and theme based teaching do, or as the above researchers have done) with very similar ENHANCED results attained, seems to unfold in T2® too. It seems we meet all the transformational paradigm changes highlighted by INTIME, with a lot less effort and investment of time and money. More so, implementation on a larger scale more swiftly can be achieved with TAJA T2®, whereas cooperative learning structures cannot.


At any rate, the scope of this website and our proposals for Chinese schools and universities limits deep or comprehensive theoretical analysis here today.

And anyway, that was not and is not our intention.

We provided the above as reference only, reference to the fact that we are not alone in trying to better the learning experiences.

But we are alone in our insights into where the focus should be and the how to from a business perspective, how to achieve pedagogic innovation it if not nationwide, one school at a time, classroom by classroom while improving at the same time your school financial balance sheet too.


You already have all the assets in place- the teachers, the students, the buildings.

Now, lets make them all much more productive.

Your school will profit financially. Your students will profit pedagogically. Your teachers will profit professionally and personally. Learn more below.

We look forward to hearing back from you.

Your comments, questions, critique, ideas and orders by email or by phone. In Chinese or in English. Contact Alan.















taja taja taja
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We want to train
your teachers in
the TAJA T2®
dual teacher

Adopting this paradigm can
result in reduced payrolls,
enriching your school,
and bettering your students.

Contact us.

Our TAJA T2® proposal for your school is about change.

About you taking action.

About you initiating the process in your school of changing, upgrading, revamping your school.

About you adopting innovation.

About you being accredited with saving your school big money over the coming years (your career can skyrocket!).

And ABOUT YOU participating with us, right up to and through the follow up and follow through stages too.



Universities reinventing themselves.

Classroom after classroom. Teacher by teacher. Department after department. School after school.

We're proposing innovation. Profitable innovation.


We're not talking up an academic discussion here, but rather business.

We want your school to license from us our TAJA T2® system, and to implement it as a paradigm.

We want to train your teachers in TAJA T2®.

Implementation without training is inferior to implementation with training.



Better learning experiences for students.

Better teaching experiences for teachers.
Better test scores, exam grades and critical thinking too!

TAJA®. Teaching Abundance Justifies A new teaching approach.


Chinese students are like berries. They need a lot of loving care.

Please review these four videos and see T2® in live action in a Chinese university classroom.
Without seeing, you have no idea what we're talking about when we say a dual teacher methodology.
No idea at all.

By watching the video's first, you'll then understand all the below.

With TAJA T2® the paradigm is simple and clear.
Two do the job much better than one. Two costs less than three.















The higher educational systems BOTH in the private, public, and charter sectors are in need of a revamp. An innovative revamp. Teachers around the globe know this.

This holds true for America, China and Europe too.


From Thailand, to India, to Japan, Russia, Australia, Brazil and Mexico too the same cry is being heard- give us higher education that actually works! Give our kids the knowledge and skills to not just find well paying jobs, but to grow as productive positive human beings that will contribute to their societies too. Give us higher education that reveals all the potential in us!

Students and their parents want a revamp. Technically, most schools need it if they are to survive pedagogically, and financially too.

We're saying let's not wait for bureaucrats to get the ball rolling. Let us the teacher's start the revamp ourselves, intelligently, from the bottom up, classroom by classroom, teacher by teacher and work our way up school by school. We the teachers ourselves can do this better than any bureaucrat can.

Taja® would like to train your teachers in T2® and watch everyone profit- your school, the teachers, the students and us too.



This is a money saving, innovative, proven, exciting AND affordable new teaching methodology and student learning paradigm (2 teachers in 1 classroom) for CHINESE UNIVERSITIES & international schools.


Contrary to your first thought this (2 TAJA TT® trained teachers in 1 classroom) actually saves you resources, money, time and teachers.

Less is best!


TT® improves the teaching experience and the learning experience simultaneously.
This is a win-win proposal.



We're talking Business here. Big Business. Big Money. Big Savings. But we're also talking Higher education. Improving the quality of Higher education in CHINA and in schools around the globe.    

It's as simple as TAJA, and your school can immediately BEGIN, already in 2016.


UPGRADE your whole system!

Pedagogically. Financially. Human resource wise. It's this simple.


When you unlock the teacher, you unlock the student.

That's the basic premise here. Unlocking the potential.

It's pretty much undeniable.

Theoretically, and empirically.




TAJA T2® your teacher payroll NOW already in the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Save big!


TAJA®. Teaching Abundance Justifies A new teaching approach.


Think about it.

You tell me..

VIDEO: Why would one teacher standing alone in the classroom, basically hiding alone behind the podium, or standing alone in front of a green board for two hours, or showing slides for an hour or more provide a better learning environment OR a better learning experience for the student than this?




Learn more below...


T2®... Two Teachers.

Try TAJA T2®. You'll like it.


You'll like it both from the teaching/learning perspective and from a business perspective too.


A school is a business.

It's not just a place of learning.


A one teacher-one classroom methodology is a dinosaur waiting for extinction.

A relic of the past. Both pedagogically, and financially too.


China's modern history shows us that we can enrich systems by reforming them.


Moving into a two teacher-one classroom system makes sense. Yuan and sense. Dollars and cents.

Two teachers in one classroom is a SUPERIOR proposition and a superior way of reforming and improving a school both pedagogically, and financially too.


No new investments of any kind to make T2® happen.

Neither by teacher, student or school. Absolutely none.


No new teachers. No new classrooms. No new computers.
No new books. No new curriculums. No new IT or any IT fiddling required.


Just pay us our licensing and training fee. That's the deal.

We'll start immediately training your teachers and your school IMMEDIATELY starts saving money on payrolls.

And, your existing teachers are going to become phenomenally better, overnight.
And your students too.


Almost effortlessly.


Start with just a few classrooms.

And then the year after expand TAJA T2® to multiple faculties, or even your whole school.


Alternatively, start big and immediately CUT millions of Yuan in payroll expenses.

This year and every year that follows. Huge savings!




. University students are like berries. They need a lot of loving care.




All Rights Reserved.


From China with love.