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How do teachers benefit?

Teachers in a school classroom benefit in profound ways from TAJA TT T2®.

And, in a variety of ways too. Two is better than one. Much better.

Find below a few ways which we're ready to show you already today.

License and commission T2® for your school and we shall be discussing many more ways with you.


TAJA TT T2® sweetens the teaching experience in a multitude of ways...

Teachers benefit by getting...


And that's relief for any teacher who respects their profession, their students and their school.




Teachers benefit by unlocking their potential.

Teachers experience and gain POWER from...



Because TAJA T2® is a methodology it doesn't really matter what the teachers personality is like, the years of teaching experience they have or don't have under their belts, the depth of their knowledge of the curriculum, the language of the classroom (English, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, French, Russian, Spanish, etc.) or the nationalities of the teachers, their belief systems, or teaching preferences.

If you like your belief systems and teaching preferences, you can keep them.

TAJA T2® embraces them, absorbs them, and profits from them.

It also doesn't matter what the curriculum is be it math, chemistry, the humanities, the sciences, English or a foreign language or a professional education- medicine, law, accounting, economics, engineering, urban planning, environmental technologies and planning, political science, marketing, or the arts- dance, music, art, drama, acting, painting, literature, etc., etc..

If you like your curriculum, you can keep it.

TAJA T2® embraces it, absorbs it, and profits from it.

T2® is simple, yet powerful.

Teacher... Unlock your potential.
End the burnout. End the boredom. End the dryness of the class.

End the oxygenless classroom.

Unlock your potential as a TEACHER.

With Taja T2 that happens, swiftly.


它会有突出的效果。我们想在"TajaTT 二师一室"教育项目中培训您的教师。所以,



Taja T2® 可以使每个老师的梦想成真,因为教室里变得有生气,就像高难度动作惊悚电影,或伊丽莎白的莎士比亚戏剧,






如果你的学校打算采纳TT,那我们TAJA T2培训部分将会亲自培训你。我们可以选择在网上,或者在你的校,或者在你的教室。


在培训开始之前,我们建议你与此同时浏览我们整个网站以便了解TAJA T2系统和教学方法。网站上还有一些我们帮助你和你的学校的计划。我们还为你准备了一些视频,里面含有一些TT的教学技巧。




由于 TAJA T2® 是一种教学法,它与教师的个性无关,与他们是否有或没有多年的教学经验也无关,与他们对课程知识点的掌握程度,与他们在课堂上使用的语言 (英语、 中文、 泰国、 日本、 法国、 俄罗斯、 西班牙等)或国籍,与他们信仰的体系或教学偏好,统统都无关。 如果你喜欢你信仰的体系和教学偏好,你也可以


T2® 对此会给予拥抱,愿意吸收,并会从它们身上获益。


它也与课程种类无关。它可以是数学、 化学、 人文科学、 科学、 英语或一门外语或是一门专业的教育----医疗、 法律、 会计、 经济学、 工程学、 城市规划、 环境技术和规划、 政治科学、 市场营销、 或是艺术类目----舞蹈、 音乐、 艺术、 戏剧表演、 绘画、 文学等等等等。




With the TAJA T2® paradigm for one full term it's like being in a four month teacher-training camp on the job at no extra costs to the school, or the teacher. And at no extra effort either. Everyday is a new learning experience for both teachers. Every T2® class is original. Every class becomes a forum for personal growth of the teacher.

If you are presently a classroom teacher you know, one of the problems we encounter in the one teacher-one classroom paradigm is the lack of personal growth. And because of that after a few years we burn out. Our moral decreases. Our motivation decreases. Our energy decreases. And we stop caring.

With TAJA T2® as the paradigm, teachers grow as teachers. They learn from each other. We keep caring, and growing as individuals and as teachers. It's so exciting!

Taja T2® is a dream come true for EVERY TEACHER because the classroom becomes alive like a high action thriller movie, or an Elizabethan Shakespeare theatrical played out each week, anew, act by act.


Watch video nr. #3 and #4 to see how T2® unfolds in a classroom, how it's done.

This cannot be done in a one teacher methodology. It just cannot. That's a fact.


A classroom is an eco system... Two teachers covering the same subject material, together under one roof, can do more and accomplish more ground than if they are alone as one teacher because you don't know what exactly the other persons opinion is exactly. The two teachers might agree on so much with regards to the curriculum taught, but bring up different angles that actually compliment one and another.

"Real life" experiences we call this at TAJA T2®.

And with real life experiences comes real life emotions and feelings, spontaneously and genuinely.

And students feel that, and connect with it. Because they "feel it," rather than just intellectualize it, they and the classroom become alive again.


When the curriculum is complicated, deep, serious, and demanding T2® is a win-win proposal for each and every teacher.

And it is especially helpful if the content/ curriculum is boring.

Teachers become much more "skillful" as teachers when they act out "their teacher role" as two, rather than as one. With two teachers in the same classroom under the same roof, with the same intention to get the curriculum across to the students, a spontaneous embracement of the curriculum can arise, and take place. TAJA T2® is an éclair for both teachers.


Before even reading the below and getting into the details, you should watch TAJA T2® in action.

Watch these four short videos filmed in a Chinese university classroom in late December 2014, in China.


Without seeing, you have no idea what we're talking about when we say a Taja T2 dual teacher methodology. No idea at all.

By watching the video's first, you'll then understand all the below.





In T2® the "empowerment of the teacher" happens because of three reasons-


1) Philosophically our TAJA T2® paradigm change and teaching system is based on BHL.

The teachers just being themselves using their BHL (BasicHumanLove) as the basis for their teaching.

Love is a very powerful motivator.

Each teacher brings into the classroom with T2® just one thing, themselves.

Each on of the two teachers in a T2 classroom brings added value - each brings a repertoire of their own real-life experiences and wisdom using the curriculum being taught.



Think about that for a moment. You'll feel the power.

When we merge this repertoire with the second teacher using T1® and T2® methods and techniques a tornado is created.

And it's powerful.


2) Energetically the presence of a second teacher in the classroom is more than just a mathematical fact.

It's also more than just an energetic fact.

There is an element of dynamics now, something which wasn't ever present in a one teacher one classroom paradigm.



Each teacher brings daily into the dual teacher classroom their own biological, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic makeup.

When you merge two teachers, imbalances which we as teachers, as human beings, are always carrying around in us can be easily and quickly realigned and rebalanced to the benefit of the teachers, and students!

This empowers a teacher.

The "situation," the classroom and the space doesn't anymore control them, but rather they together now can control it. Week after week. Semester after semester. Year after year.


3) The techniques, methods and skills we have developed at TAJA® to make T2® what it is- that being a paradigm for teaching- which leads both teachers and their students forward into an adventure of learning. This adventure is theater.

TT® Training leads teachers forward- teachers leading each other forward spontaneously, teachers leading their students deeper into the thinking, questioning and learning processes. T2® is about everyone just being present and absorbed in the "show."


All three of the above insights together is power.

It's empowering. It's powerful. One can "taste" the power.




Even if the teachers are seemingly misaligned, say a veteran and novice teacher together in the same classroom or a possible clash of ego's, say two very strong veteran teachers in the same classroom, T2® still benefits both, equally. More so, the "movie", the "drama," the "teaching force field" or call it if you like the "theater" becomes even more exciting and invigorating when two high quality teachers are merged together. It can even become an Academy Award Oscar performance. Both teachers have the intellectual capacity to challenge each other for the students benefit, and their own intellectual benefit too. With the students engaging them too, both as a pair and individually. WOW, it's a different type of classroom. And the classroom therefore finds benefits in unimaginable ways.

T2® is simple, yet powerful.


Unless you watch the videos, we honestly doubt if you can fully visualize, feel, or intellectually understand the potential of TAJA T2® and what we mean by two teachers "dancing" in the classroom. Since you have never before have seen a "dance" going on in the classroom, NEVER EVER, so how could you imagine or perceive what it means?


When there are two TAJA T2® teachers in the classroom there is a "movie" going on, theater going on, what we at Taja call a "dance."

It's like a first date. They maneuver around each other.

And for the first time in their lives they are going to take advantage of the space, the spaciousness of the classroom to do that.

That that we called at Taja, "the dance."

In other words, there is a theatrical state to the classroom in a TAJA T2® two teacher one classroom setting.

And that theatrical state obviously captures and engages the pupils interest and curiosity.


The "dance" captivates the audience, that being our students of course.

When there is one teacher alone in classroom, there is hardly ever a "movie" or any theater going on.

In fact, there never almost is.

There is just at worst a mediocre performance based on a monologue, and at best, a performance that goes dry after a while. Students quickly find themselves tuning-out either in the first class, the second or by the third class as the term unfolds.


"Stepping in" is a Taja T2 technique too...  we call this... stepping in to the theater.

It's show time! It's invigorating for a teacher, for the two teachers. It's exciting because there is an unknown element here... neither of the two teachers knows exactly what type of show they will put on. Because it is so spontaneous and based on basic human love, it therefore consequently is "so real."

And the students FEEL that "realness."

And they love it.

Anew and exciting each lesson, each week both for teachers and their pupils, without consciously entertaining but rather just by consciously teaching!



That is what happens to a classroom using a T2® paradigm:

Less boredom, more choice for the students to place their attention on, a better quality dynamic learning environment, less distraction (the teachers provide all the distraction the students need because there are two teachers "dancing," dancing through the classroom) are the hallmarks when using the TAJA T2® paradigm. PLUS more energy in the classroom, more learning opportunities for the teachers (they learn from each other each week), more creative thinking by teachers and students together (see the oneonone video), AND more innovation are all hallmarks of the TAJA T2® methodology.

In the TAJA T2® system the teachers are not just the main performers on the stage but with our Taja TT paradigm they become spontaneous players in the audience too.

For example, one teacher asks questions to the other teacher, just as students would.

That one simple act, powerfully changes the whole dynamic of the classroom right there and then!

In one simple act.


Or another example of the same theme (empowering/unlocking, and teaching independent thinking) one teacher moves off the stage into the classroom and takes a seat in the classroom, as a student.

That teacher now is watching the first teacher seeing him or her as a student in the classroom see's, and learns.

Doing that five or ten minutes a class is a valuable exercise in T2®.

Teachers find themselves sharing the student experience, and therefore having a better chance to 1) develop a deeper bond with the students; something that no single teacher modality comes close to encouraging or expressing in the classroom and 2) to learn from the other teacher by watching, thereby being able to bring insights into their T2® teaching methodologies.


Another classic example of how TAJA T2® benefits teachers (and students ALIKE) is the following...

Teachers can spend more individualized one-one-one time, quality teaching time, in the classroom with individual students during the 2 hour class. And after too.

That too also no 'one teacher' paradigm provides for.


Here's how it plays out (see above ononeone video)... with two teachers in the classroom at the same time together they captivate students by creating a flow and ebb within the room (at TAJA we call this a "teaching force field") and at their timing of choice the teachers break off... One teacher continues to captivate the class while the other starts to work individually with one student for a few minutes so as to ensure that the student is clear about what was just taught. When the second teacher is done working individually with that one student they jump back into the drama of the classroom, interacting (i.e., "dancing") again with the OTHER teacher, raising the energy in the "force field" again to new levels, thereby "captivating" again their audience, the students.


Alone, one teacher alone, THIS CANNOT BE ACCOMPLISHED.

It takes two teachers. Two is better than one. It's this simple.


We will show you how this is type of teaching is accomplished once we start training your teachers in the TAJA TT paradigm.

Try us. You'll like us.

Start with just a few classrooms in 2015. And then the year after in 2016 expand TT to whole faculties.


Teacher... Unlock your potential.
End the burnout. End the boredom. End the dryness of the class. End the oxygenless classroom.










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From China with love.