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Find below SIX different Taja T2® INFOMERCIAL VIDEOS filmed in an actual university classroom in China.
Watch the teachers, watch the students, feel the energy of a 21st century classroom.

我们要讲明“两个老师在一个教室里”的样子。我们不是说是两个老师在面对面辩论或者两个老师一起占在展台上 也不是一个老师在教室里评价另一个老师。

反而我们是说是两个老师一起上课,有时一个老师打断一个老师,有时一个只是观察和支持另一个,或者有时互相 不理对方,有时互相注意对方。重点是两个老师是一起自发地“跳舞”的,在教室里的空间随心动来动去,互相自 发地交往而把教室变成展台。  通过TAJA TT® 培训这个跳舞自然地发生。不需要特殊能力。连最无聊的人能做到。通过培训就像在公园里走走。



What's your next class/classroom going to look like?

What's it going to be?



Or this...    




Think about it... is the one teacher-one classroom paradigm/teaching system the only way forward?

The best way forward for students in China, and around the globe??

We think NOT.

Here's why...


University students in today's world are psychologically different than yesteryear's.

Smart phones, social networking, the internet, music videos online and video games played since childhood have caused and are fostering this new psychological, mental, and emotional makeup.


Today's students want and need more than what you as their classroom teacher are presently able to give them.

Today's students want and need bursts of energy.

Today's students want and need bursts of movement.

Today's students want and need constant mental distractions.

Today's students also want, need AND DEMAND originality from their teacher just as they demand to see it in their social networks.

The teaching system in the classroom STRUCTURALLY should be providing all this.

It isn't today.


A one teacher-one classroom teaching paradigm/system cannot provide any of this.

Structurally is wasn't designed to provide any of this.

It's time we adopt to our changing world with a new teaching system paradigm that does provide all of this so that we can better captivate, engage, inspire AND empower out students when teaching in a classroom. Incrementally reforming the old system just hasn't worked, and it just isn't enough.


Taja T2® provides all the above and more.

As importantly, by adopting Taja T2® your school saves money. BIG MONEY! BIG SAVINGS!

Now that's innovation... not only does this Taja T2® teaching system improve the quality of teaching and the quality of learning in the classroom but it actually is designed to put money in a school's pocket too.

What's there not to like about that?


Please note re the above...

If the bursts are planned, scripted or repetitive, the students will turn off ... i.e., disengage and not re-engage again.

They want bursts and pings of original content, conveyed spontaneously, and continuously throughout the two hour lesson.

If teachers seek to be better teachers, more effective teachers (i.e., engage, inspire, captivate and empower their students) our teaching paradigms needs to mimic this psychological change.

If we do so, we elevate the learning experience, and the teaching experience too.

By unlocking the teacher, we unlock the student.


The one teacher-one classroom teaching paradigm is over 150 years old.

There have been tens of evolutionary changes over the past 150 years (smaller size classrooms, Chartered schools, theme based learning, cooperative learning, technology in the classroom, etc., etc.) yet still we haven't fundamentally improved education in light of these incremental adjustments.


If we want our students to make-create-innovate and improve society we better be leading by example!

Taja T2® is innovation in education. Practical, hands-on, intelligent, creative educational innovation.

Two Taja T2® trained teachers in one classroom is 21st century education that gives benefits, advantages and dividends to schools, teachers and students.

Taja T2® is the future, here right now, today.



After having read in detail this website you are probably saying to yourself...

"Mister, I get it. Fantastic.

Taja T2® sounds great...

Makes sense... Awesome.

All of it looks good on paper –

But getting it to work in the real world is a lot more difficult. Now prove it. Show it to me.

I want to see it with my own eyes and hear it with my own ears.

Only then will I take the next step forward with Taja T2® and have Taja TT® start training our teachers."

We say, you are 100% right!

Start with these three videos for the general picture and then for the grand finale,
check out the 4th video below which shows the T2® one-on-one technique repeatedly
playing out three different times in the classroom to the benefit of three different student's
in a ten minute span.


Video #1: The Taja story


Video #2 Comments from students (in Chinese).


Video #3: Dissecting T2 as it plays out in the classroom.


 Video #4: One day most classrooms will look like this.



We are not suggesting to throw two teachers together in the same room. That is a meaningless exercise on its own. ONE DOOMED TO FAILURE. That's why Co-Teaching has never taken off. It's doomed to failure, or at the best, to minimal incremental improvements of the classroom environment.

We're saying, "if you provide teachers with a structure, a methodology, skills and techniques, i.e. you train two teachers in the TAJA TT T2® system, the outcome is you UNLOCK THE TEACHERS, you UNLOCK THE STUDENTS and you end up unlocking school finances too."

It's a fundamental profound paradigm shift for schools both financially and of course pedagogically.

We've developed a system that makes this "unlocking" happen whoever the teachers are (i.e., veteran teachers or novice teachers, good teachers or bad teachers, charismatic teachers or boring teachers, experienced teachers or inexperienced teachers) and facilitates it continually class after class, semester after semester.

In the Taja T2® system they (the two teachers) unlock each other, they unlock their inherent rich potential as teachers, and as human beings.

And as we have discovered, when you unlock the teachers, you end up unlocking their students™. EVERYONE PROFITS.


Taja TT T2® 使老师的教学更加容易。更深层次。更多乐趣。这是基本。


This method works for everyone because everyone- teachers and students- connect better with each other when T2® is the underlying teaching paradigm.


With TAJA T2® the paradigm is simple and clear.
Two do the job much better than one. Two costs less than three.


这个方法适合每个人,因为当TT ®作为基本教学理论时,每个人---教师和学生---都能更好地产生共鸣。

TAJA T2®的教学理论是简单而又清晰的。



A classroom is an eco system... Two teachers covering the same subject material, together under one roof, can do more and accomplish more ground than if they are alone as one teacher because you don't know what exactly the other persons opinion is exactly. The two teachers might agree on so much with regards to the curriculum taught, but bring up different angles that substantially compliment one and another.



TAJA TT ®,我们称之为"真实生活"经验。



"Real life" experiences we call this at TAJA TT®.


And with real life experiences comes real life emotions and feelings, spontaneous and genuine heartfelt interaction. And stimulation. And creativity. And questioning. And innovation in the classroom.


And students feel it, and connect with it. 

Because student "feel it," rather than intellectualize it, they and the classroom become alive again.


Alive in a way and manner that they the students have never seen or experienced before.


And because TAJA T2® is so natural this "alive" can play out again and again, class after class for the whole term. Nothing is contrived in TAJA T2®. Everything and everyone "just is."


T2® is an internship in the classroom.
Students and teachers interacting in spontaneous, and thus real ways, thus learning real lessons.


TAJA T2® 是如此的自然,这样的"生机"才可以一次又一次,一节课又一节课,在整整一学期中绽放。在 TAJA T2®,没有什么是矫揉造作的,有的只是真实的人和事。



The source of the problem in our educational systems today is the teaching system itself, the teaching paradigm itself, the one classroom-one teacher paradigm.

It's obsolete. It impedes teachers. It impedes students. It impedes teaching. It impedes learning.

The problem isn't even the teachers themselves... They are held hostage to and in the one classroom-one teacher paradigm. That's the real problem.


Solve this and watch your teachers swiftly and more effectively transform the learning environment in the classroom.

But now, we have a chance to change all that in a meaningful way.

Drill down...learn more: Teachers profit from T2, HOW?
Drill down...learn more: Students profit from T2, HOW?




Newest videos here ...

(USA viewers or viewers outside of China, for a speedier connection please use Youtube to watch this video)


Watch how university students love it when you teach this way, with two TAJA TT® T2® trained teachers!

Does your classroom presently resemble anything remotely similar to this?
It can with Taja T2
® in your hands!
Have your school contact us to further explore Taja T2

(USA viewers, for a speedier connection please use Youtube to watch this video)

Quality education... innovation... a renaissance in the teaching profession.

In the The TAJA T2® paradigm universities SAVE MONEY because they need less teachers than they previously needed to teach the same amount of students (or even larger amounts), students benefit in ways that cooperative learning for example doesn't even begin to address on a wholesale basis, teachers benefit in unimaginable ways because of the dynamic "force field" Taja T2® creates in a classroom and the school name, finances and face improves too. Click the above links to learn more about each of the above.

With TAJA T2® the paradigm is simple and clear.
Two teachers in one merged bigger classroom do the job much better than three single individual teachers in three single individual smaller classrooms. Two costs less than three.


on any mobile, tablet, notebook or desktop.

Where teaching and BasicHumanLove meet. TAJA TT®.



Trying to inspire, captivate, ENGAGE and empower students is the MISSION of every teacher.

If the teacher cannot embrace the pupil, and the pupil doesn't embrace the teacher, there is not going to be much engagement, empowerment, creativity nor celebration going on in the classroom.


TAJA T2® creates a better classroom environment for teachers and students to engage, embrace and celebrate learning. Naturally.

This is undeniable. And this is called 'creating abundance' in the classroom.

Instead of draining teachers of their capital, TAJA T2® creates abundance instead.

Unfortunately, a one teacher-one classroom teaching paradigm drains teachers, locking them up in a spatial paradox that they themselves almost never ever see nor recognize. Teachers are held hostage to the teaching paradigm rather than the teaching paradigm serving their best interests.

You just saw it with your own eyes.

Take a moment right now and reflect back on your own classrooms, reflect back and compare what you just saw and what usually unfolds in your classroom... Reflect on the differences.

Two together under one roof is a thousand times better because you don't know what exactly the other persons opinion is exactly. There is dynamic spontaneity and creativity taking place each and every lesson. And that's captivating and inspiring for the students.

The two teachers might agree on so much with regards to the curriculum taught, but bring up different angles that compliment one and another. Or they might even disagree. That too is great. Students learn to appreciate diversity and intellectual honesty.

Two do the job better than one alone ever can...

Again and again, class after class, term after term, each semester, student after student. We see this each and every T2® class.

And schools can end up saving huge amounts of money with it too.


Seeing is the beginning of imagining...

You just saw TAJA TT T2® in live action in a Chinese university classroom.

Now imagine what your school will look like, and feel like, using it. Imagine your classrooms. Your teachers. Your students. Imagine the talk and buzz it will generate for marketing and sales purposes too. Imagine.

You might have an idea but we promise you, reality is even sweeter because you'll end up with saved money in the pocket too. Money that you can touch, feel and use for other purposes than paying salaries.


We created the T2® paradigm out of our own pure motivation, our own virtue, to better the teaching experience for the teacher, and to better the learning experience for the student.

It is our wish that students and teachers profit from TAJA T2®.

Evidently, schools can profit too, so this makes sense.

Dollars and sense. Yuan and Sense. Yen and sense. Euro's and sense. TAJA T2® is a win-win for all.

Can it get any better than this?



Unlock your potential.

"Free without resistance, Reveal original mind."

Open your mind.
Made in China, with virtue.


TAJA TT® is a big boon for your school!





>Mr. Alan Abrams for TAJA TT® information.



Unlock your potential.










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