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Who are we?

We're in the people business.

We want to touch others.

Everything we have done in the past, everything we are doing now, and everything we intend to do in the future is grounded and centered in BasicHumanLove. We want to touch you with BasicHumanLove.


TAJA® is an acronym for our company name. We believe in abundance and our name reflects this belief.

TAJA® is part of China's future- innovative, creative and virtuous.

TAJA® is also rooted in China, physically and spiritually.

TAJA® wants to do business with you inside or outside of China, or at the least, be involved with you the individual teacher or school.

When you are ready to develop new opportunities, contact us at your convenience at alan@tajatajataja.com.


In the field of education:

Taja®假设教师你们已经完全掌握了今年所 要教授的教学课程和大纲。因此,剩下来是让你们成为比你们想象的更好的教师。欢迎您来到TAJA TT®. 





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The TAJA TT® educational paradigms (T1®T2®T3®) are based on creative movement- physically, intellectually, mentally, emotionally, energetically, materially and spiritually. Sustainable movement is the goal of every TAJA TT® educational paradigm.

We would like to immediately see teachers the world over, outside and inside of China, using our TAJA T1® techniques to improve their students performance... we're providing T1® at an irresistible low price, online (streaming EDU online courses). T1® is about teachers being able on their own to improve tactics and performance. T1® facilitates in helping teachers empower themselves in the classroom. T2® solidifies this empowerment.












TAJA T2® is a total win-win-win proposal. Win for teachers, win for students and a win for schools.

TAJA TT® T2® encompasses a teachers dance which actually unfolds in real-time in the classroom. It unfolds spontaneously rather than being directed by the teacher as in T1®. 

TAJA TT® T2® is a major paradigm shift, a major paradigm and methodology shift, for teaching in a classroom. We feel John Dewey would not be disappointed from us!

TAJA TT® T2® doesn't just make a classroom a little bit better, it makes a classroom significantly and substantially better.

Our TAJA TT® T2® dual teacher in one classroom TEACHING paradigm is exponentially much more profound than T1® which is  a single teacher in one classroom educational paradigm but unlike in T1® which is a streaming online course, in T2® teachers and schools will require on site training by our Taja TT® teacher training department.

We want you to move forward with Taja T2® in a responsible fashion. "We want to ensure that the transition is done in an orderly fashion." Taja TT® (TT=teacher training) is therefore imperative.

Taja TT® T2® mobile presentation in English.
Taja TT® T2® mobile presentation in Chinese.




We want schools to license our T2® system. With licensing comes training.

We want to train your teachers in our T2® methodologies.

Implementation without training is inferior to implementation with training.

Your school can WITHOUT DOUBT profit pedagogically AND financially from TAJA TT® T2®.

T2® video and mobile presentations for your review.


T2® is about strategy, methodology and paradigm change.


Each week. Each lesson. Each classroom.

In any school. Any faculty. Any department.

In any language. TAJA T2® changes the playing field.

Every season of the year. Without fail. Now COMPOUND THAT.



Taja® in the field of software:

We want you to use, play and enjoy our love gaming app (in Chinese, English, Hindi and Japanese coming in mid to late 2016).

Taja® in the field of media and publishing:

We want you to purchase and live out our book- "Chinese people, here's how to get rich and sustain it!" (coming in mid 2017)

Taja® in the field of health and health care:

We want you to do our TAja® health cleansing and body rejuvenation program based on the HPS health cleansing paradigm- fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics combined with our Taja BasicHumanLove program. The website and program is presently in the translation process into Chinese. Available now in English at HPS-online.com, available soon in Chinese online (from mid 2016).



Stimulation and touch is what induces creative thinking. 

Stimulation and touch is at the root of creative thinking.

Visual stimulations work. Audio stimulations work.
In TAJA T2® it's the two teachers acting out the teaching role together giving visual and audio
stimulation to the students, based on touching them with BasicHumanLove

And touching themselves. Teaching has to be creative, simulative, tasty and healthy.
TAJA TT® T2® is.




Each week. Each lesson. Each classroom.

In any school. Any faculty. Any department.

In any language. TAJA T2® works.

Every season of the year. Without fail.



Tried, tested, and proven.

Adopt TAJA T2® and see for yourself.



In just "one decade..."

The "free" ride will soon be over for higher education Chinese "bricks-and-mortar" universities and colleges.

Luckily, Taja T2® changes the playing field for schools to their advantage... financially, pedagogically, and marketing wise too.

Ultimately slower and lower admissions due to a weakening economy, less disposable money in the consumers pocket coupled with dramatically less money from the public purse will result in squeezed budgets, and a financial crunch. This is the process which we foresee unfolding in the higher education market in China (and around the globe) this coming decade (2015-2025).

In addition, online "Internet" schools and universities will continue to gain considerable ground from traditional brick-and-mortar universities just as they have in the past decade.

This phenomena is taking place not just in China but around the globe (7 of the top 10 Google "university" searches in 2014 were for online Internet schools! That's an amazing statistic in our opinion!!) thereby putting a further squeeze on the financials of universities.

So, here's another way for looking at TAJA T2...

The writing is on the wall Mr. University. Financials are going to become critical soon (if they are not already). Not buildings, not number of basketball courts, not nr. of students, nor nr. of campuses. Payrolls are going to have to be cut. We're saying do it intelligently so that students and teachers profit too, simultaneously. And standards are going to have to be raised at the same time too. TAJA T2® accomplishes all this, and more. This is how capitalism, any type of capitalism, works. We're saying TAJA® your payroll NOW already in the 2016 fiscal year. And get ahead now. Raise the learning experience. Raise the teaching bar. Don't wait. Profit today. Gutsy moves pay great dividends. Don't wait to be forced into "shaping up" because by then you'll only be responding to an enrollment and financial crisis whereas now you have the opportunity to innovate, lead, and profit. Innovate or expect to be financially crunched like you have never seen before as both China and economies around the world dramatically slow down while at the same time students "go online" for their degrees, more than ever before.

TAJA TT® T2®is a big boon for your school!





>Mr. Alan Abrams for TAJA TT® information.



Contact us by email to fill in our online survey so that we can get a better grasp of your school, its specific needs, and how to best TAJA® THEM.

Contact Alan for more information about the cost of onsite training of your teachers in the TAJA TT® paradigm/ methodology. He'll calculate with you the millions Taja T2® is going to put back into your school bank account, consecutively year after year. Taja TT® onsite training is here to help you and your school unlock your potential, saving you big money along the way.


>Mr. Joy for terms of employment.



Joy would like to teach at your school a philosophy course called BasicHumanLove™

BHL™, BasicHumanLove™ is a Taja® trademark.

In English at your school.


It's a win-win course.

A win for the students, a win for the school, a win for families, a win for communities and a win for society at large.

Clear minded, grounded, informed, creative and thinking students is what BHL fosters.


Less fear and more love is the foundation of this one term course.


A spoken oral English language course.

Inquire already today into Joy's availability for employment in academic year starting in September 2016 or alternatively starting in 2017. Joy is in no hurry to commence an employment contract.

Joy will not just teach an English language course on his own but he will also train your teacher of choice in TAJA TT® T2® as part of his teaching employment contract (as a free bonus for the school).

Joy is now looking to seal a new teaching contract at a prestigious university either in China, or abroad.


Joy and Alan both are both presently teaching at Guilin University of Technology (GUT), in Guangxi province.

Alan has been teaching at the university for over ten years, Joy just one year.
Joy wants to move on to wider horizons, Alan just got married and plans to stay.

The below spoken English language courses are for Chinese university students.

These courses have already been taught by Joy alone, and both by Alan and Joy together using the 2 teachers - 1 classroom dual teaching TAJA TT T2® system, in China with Chinese students at GUT.

Both are for freshman up-to and including post-graduate students.

The 28 hour one term course which Joy would like to teach at your school is called "BHL. BasicHumanLove. Life, and life skills- you are fundamentally rich already."

Alternatively, Joy offers and can teach a two term 50 hour course called "HEALth... take yours to a whole new level... physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually too."

Alternatively, finance or marketing, medicine and health care, anthropology, political science are also possibilities.  

Chose which course you would like Joy to teach at your school and watch for two semesters TAJA T2® in action before deciding how to implement in your school too.


Unlock YOUR potential.



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From China with love.